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  • Showtime have no idea

    this was an amazing series, it struggled early, but as the actors found their footing, it became a great series.

    Showtime have a habit of canceling shows because they aren't instant cash cows.

    Star wars was knocked back by everyone because of fear it wouldn't make any money..

    How wrong the Hollywood pigs were
  • Skip it

    I can't believe I dislike Jeremy Irons in something! And he's the only bearable thing about this thing....

    I'll forgive liberties in historical interpretations. I'll forgive more unnecessary sex scenes than the Game of Thrones. But I won't forgive a show about an unethical, conniving, unChristian pope that makes me keep looking at the clock, wanting it to be over. I'm bored. This show bores me. I waited until the second season because I was told it picks up but the truth it, even with so many possibilities for plots and colourful characters, I am rolling my eyes and playing with my phone.
  • So many fans disappointed The Borgias was canceled!!!

    Fan campaign to #savetheborgias... .. .
  • Interesting but not at the right time perhaps.

    It is genuinely interesting to think of who they were historically, but I don't think we needed a long episodic show just to get that point. It drags on and goes from 'hmmm look at that' to 'when is it going to end', probably also due to the fact it isn't in step with these times and is largely artistic license in terms of who was like what back then and who said what to whom back then. It should have been a mini series-that would have passed the acid test of public opinion, I think.
  • Not Good enough?

    elinsner you don't know what you're missing.

    you've watched six episodes but now we're in the third season. you could download the shows you haven't watched and i suggest you give the borgias another chance. this show has everything.

    i hate it when i put time aside to watch a show and things seem to drag along or to be predictablle, it seems all shows have some predictability but the borgias keeps getting better and better and has some shockers you really won't see coming. you really should get caught up. i think you'll be hooked.

  • Not good enough

    With shows out there like the Tudors and Rome, this show just isn't up to snuff. I turned it off after the first 6 episodes because it was entirely too predictable.
  • good start but too much sex instead of plots

    i guess one would have guessed anything with jeremy iron would be disappointingly full of sex scenes and not enough plots. or is it the writer to blame? it was good to start with. a waste of a good story and some of the cast are fantastic. really it could be done more tastefully. a bit less breasts would have been better.

    if you disagree with me, you can count the partions of sex scenes vs other kind of scenes. it is more than 30%. even corruption of bad clergies ( which i am no fans of) could have told of their treacheries with less sex scenes
  • Great show

    All I can say is Jeremy Irons.He truely knows his acting craft and always becomes the character he portrays.The rest of the cast is great also,but he is one that makes the show pop. More seasons please.
  • The Borgia family have been portrayed many times on film and television but perhaps never as well and as lavishly as this.

    In 1492, Rodrigo Borgia, corrupt, unethical and ruthless becomes Pope after buying his way into the most coveted religious office in the world. This dramatisation stars the incomparable Jeremy Irons in the lead role along with an excellent supporting cast. It is doubtful whether the Borgias will ever actually be shown on screen as they were in reality, particularly not Rodrigo's daughter, Lucrezia, but this is most certainly a highly entertaining and beautifully filmed adaptation of their story.

    The story is both highly accurate and wildly inaccurate in places but this is television and we must expect such things. In as far as costumes and sets and, of course, the stellar cast, lead by such an amazing actor, I believe it is one of the most entertaining and enjoyable shows to be released upon our screens this season.

    Don't worry about whether or not things are as accurate as they could be, just sit back and enjoy a very worthwhile television experience. You will be glad you did.