The Borgias

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  • The Borgia family have been portrayed many times on film and television but perhaps never as well and as lavishly as this.

    In 1492, Rodrigo Borgia, corrupt, unethical and ruthless becomes Pope after buying his way into the most coveted religious office in the world. This dramatisation stars the incomparable Jeremy Irons in the lead role along with an excellent supporting cast. It is doubtful whether the Borgias will ever actually be shown on screen as they were in reality, particularly not Rodrigo's daughter, Lucrezia, but this is most certainly a highly entertaining and beautifully filmed adaptation of their story.

    The story is both highly accurate and wildly inaccurate in places but this is television and we must expect such things. In as far as costumes and sets and, of course, the stellar cast, lead by such an amazing actor, I believe it is one of the most entertaining and enjoyable shows to be released upon our screens this season.

    Don't worry about whether or not things are as accurate as they could be, just sit back and enjoy a very worthwhile television experience. You will be glad you did.