The Borgias

Season 1 Episode 3

The Moor

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 10, 2011 on Showtime

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    Well, it did not take long for this show to get into the corruption and murder. That is what is going to keep the viewers coming back.

    This show has been as close to historically accurate as you could hope for, certainly moreso than The Kennedys on Reelz, but the fact is that they are going to have stretch some things and exaggerate others because frankly this was not that exciting a time period. Not sure what kind of sustainability this show has. Tonight's episode was not downright terrible, but it was fairly slow-moving and relatively uneventful outside of the killing and the random fight almost halfway through.
  • This one was very slow moving for the first half but it improved greatly in the second.

    Up until around the middle of the episode, everything was rather dull, somewhat boring and extremely predictable. That tends to happen with historical dramas, regardless of how accurate they may or may not be.

    I started to enjoy myself when Rodrigo was viewing the dozens of prospective suitors who were all vying for the hand of his daughter, Lucrezia. Jeremy Irons did a great job, as did several of the suitors themselves and it was amusing to watch.

    The Turkish prince who came to stay for a tidy sum at the behest of his brother who didn't want him around must the second part far more interesting than the first and I thought the actor did a good job. Naturally, there was lots of mayhem and murder but one expects such things, I still find it better than "The Tudors" but it can improve more and hopefully it will.
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