The Bots Master

(ended 1994)


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Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • The Setting Sun
      The Setting Sun
      Episode 40
      President Iverson of the USA withdraws his support of LLP's candidacy for President of Earth. In retaliation, LLP hires somebody to kidnap Iverson's daughter. ZZ takes advantage of the daughter's resemblance to Blitz to rescue the President's daughter and finally obtain incriminating evidence against LLP.
    • Fly Me to the Moon
      Fly Me to the Moon
      Episode 39
    • Momzz
      Episode 38
    • Frendly Frenzy
      Frendly Frenzy
      Episode 37
    • The Tome of Doom
      The Tome of Doom
      Episode 36
    • Building Eight
      Building Eight
      Episode 35
      Realising that Zulander's popularity is on the rise among the young children, Paladin devises a dreadful scheme that will discredit and further tarnish ZZ's reputation by creating a faux Krang chip factory that will help take over the world. Unknowingly, ZZ doesn't realise that the children will be inside that factory until his intuition convinces him to scout for any innocent people on the inside.moreless
    • The Bots in the Booth
    • The Gift
      The Gift
      Episode 33
    • Friendly Enemy
      Friendly Enemy
      Episode 32
    • The Bad Boyzzs are among us
    • The Duel
      The Duel
      Episode 30
    • The Appointment
      The Appointment
      Episode 29
      ZZ realises that Mirroz is not giving them enough insider information on the Corp's plan. He improvises a way that involves planting a mic tooth into Paladin's jaws. Unfortunately, it begins to malfunction and it's a risky infiltration to Paladin's home to correct the flaw.
    • ZZ and the Law
      ZZ and the Law
      Episode 28
    • A Gift for Frenzy
      A Gift for Frenzy
      Episode 27
    • Photo Finish
      Photo Finish
      Episode 26
    • Island Ploy
      Island Ploy
      Episode 25
    • Mind Gamez
      Mind Gamez
      Episode 24
      When The Corp realizes a potential security leak, Lady Frenzy takes precautionary moves to discuss their next plan. Unable to gather any info through Mirrorz, ZZ and Blitzy are stumped about the nature of Operation EA37. Watson and Genesix's mind reader give them a chance to learn more about EA37 by infiltrating Frenzy's condo and reading her mind.moreless
    • The Zulander Scanner
      Hiss creates a satellite-based scanner to locate Zulander and his BOYZZ. It's a race against time before they can re-program it while trying to get out of their house which is under an accidental security lockdown.
    • General Blitzy
      General Blitzy
      Episode 22
      ZZ decides to take an early vacation with Alicia in Paris, leaving Blitzy in charge of the place in his absence. Things don't turn out the way they are supposed to when she cracks down on the BOYZZ as tough as nails.
    • A Tale of Two Paradims
      Genesix's new clone shell invention gives ZZ an idea of infiltrating the Corp disguised as Lady Frenzy, Dr. Hiss and Sir Louis Leon Paradim. It isn't too long before they are causing enough chaos in The Corp before they are caught.
    • A Few Good Boyzzs
      A Few Good Boyzzs
      Episode 20
    • The Weapon
      The Weapon
      Episode 19
    • Bobby and his Bots
      Bobby and his Bots
      Episode 18
      A young talented robot inventor catches the eye of ZZ. Little does he know the Corp also has an eye on the talented young inventor.
    • Grasp for Power
      Grasp for Power
      Episode 17
      Suffering setback after setback, Paradim brings his nephew Winslow to help put an end to Zulander's thwarting attempts. Their new plan: elect Paradim as world president by eliminating Canada, Africa, & South America and pin the blame on Zulander. It's a whole new ballgame when the president's accept Paradim's invite to ride with him on the magnotrain, and ZZ infiltrates it to put an end to all of it.moreless
    • Blind Date
      Blind Date
      Episode 16
      Realising that ZZ looks lonely, Cook and Watzon decide to find a suitable female company for him. Unfortunately, finding the right girl proves to be more than what they asked for when they find her in a catalogue of the RM Corp, and Lady Frenzy decides to user it as bait to capture ZZ.moreless
    • Assault on Bunker 435
      Having discovered that the new metal alloy is susceptible to citrus acid, Dr. Hisss moves all security bots designed with it to an undisclosed location known only as Bunker 435. He hopes to breakdown the metal composition to help fight the weakness. When ZZ discovers his plot, he plans an attack to destroy every last ounce of the new metal alloy. But first, he has to infiltrate a highly secured defense perimeter of Bunker 435.moreless
    • Climb the Mountain
      Climb the Mountain
      Episode 14
      During a botched up raid on Dr. Hisss's demonstration to the African President, ZZ discovers that the new security bots have been designed using a new metal alloy immune to heat and laser fire. Even worse is that he discovers that his old mentor Prof. Borenstein is behind the design - until ZZ realizes that he's working for The Corp like he used to. Now, it's a race against time as to who reaches the professor first.moreless
    • Spybot
      Episode 13
      ZZ designs a security bot to act as a spy for them, but it isn't long before The Corp discovers it and uses it to lead ZZ and his BOYZZ into a trap on an empty cruiser, which sinks into the ocean. On top of that, time is of the essence when there's a bomb following them around and only minutes left for Blitzy to save them before it's too late.moreless
    • Bring the Boyzz Down
      Dr. Hiss develops a new kind virus to use it to eliminate ZZ's bots. During a planned raid, the BOYZZ come into contact with the virus and they have only hours left before they are nothing but scrap. It's upto ZZ to infiltrate The Corp to find an anti-virus for the problem.moreless
    • Lost
      Episode 11
      A training session with the Sport BOYZZ and Jungle Fiver goes wrong when Batzz accidentally hits the ejection button and lands on a lightpost in a small town, causing him to suffer from amnesia. It's not long before the young baseball team discover his talents, and become a race against time for ZZ to save him before The Corp reaches him.moreless
    • ZZ Come Back
      ZZ Come Back
      Episode 10
      Dr. Hisss coerces the mayor of Santa Marta to sign an agreement allowing The Corp to buy the small factory. In the process, it's also a trap for ZZ and his BOYZZ since Santa Marta is ZZ and Blitzy's home town.
    • You can Bank on it
      Dr. Hisss is in the process of upgrading the bots in the Central World Bank in hopes of controlling the money and even better....cut off Zulander's bank account. It's a trip to the bank to overcome such a hurdle, but not until it's too late to re-open his account by catching the bank director red-handed with The Corp.moreless
    • This Land is My Land
      The Corp tries to buy out the O'Connor estate to help build a Krang chip production factory. It'll take more than just Humabots to destroy the place. It's upto ZZ to convince O'Connor about The Corp's true intentions.
    • Rock the Corp
      Rock the Corp
      Episode 7
      ZZ plans to capture LLP by disguising himself and the Boyzz as the band playing at LLP's birthday ceremony.
    • Flowers for ZZ
      Flowers for ZZ
      Episode 6
      During an aquatic assault on a convoy carrying Krang chips, ZZ develops a sudden allergy when he comes into contact with a green pollen covered on his ship. In the process, Blitzy is also infected. It turns out that the Zulanders are allergic to a special type of cactus pollen. They only have hours before their demise, and its upto the BOYZZ without ZZ's leadership to save them while stopping The Corp from delivering their Krang chips.moreless
    • Bloc 93
      Bloc 93
      Episode 5
      The Corp decides to bomb a flight carrying journalists who are en route to Houston and pin the blame on Zulander. A reporter Carlata is involved when she discovers the truth about The Corp, and later captured and sent to be turned into a Humabot. It's up to ZZ and the BOYZZ to stop The Corp and save Carlata before it's too late.moreless
    • Stop that Bot
      Stop that Bot
      Episode 4
      ZZ creates a new program called Mirrorz that would help them spy on The Corp when they make their plans. It proves to be useful when ZZ learns that Dr. Hiss intends to demo a MDB to Paradim with hopes of mass producing it. It's up to ZZ to stop him, but it only gets worse when Genesix is inside the MDB reprogramming it when it's being attacked.moreless
    • Blitzy's Battle Bots Brigade
      ZZ is falsely implicated in the devastation of a nearby town's destruction during a raid on The Corp's convoy carrying Krang chips. Feeling responsible for his actions, ZZ makes a call to Lady Frenzy with hopes of ending the bitter conflict. However, he has no idea what awaits him when both of them meet.moreless
    • Enter the Ninjzz
      Enter the Ninjzz
      Episode 2
      ZZ designs a new BOYZZ bot named Ninjzz, but is missing a key component - a DNA profile of the greatest ninja warrior, and it's a trip to the nearest science museum with D'Nerd. Hot on their trail is Dr. Hisss new invention Beast Bot, who can track ZZ by his genetic signature.moreless
    • Adios ZZ
      Adios ZZ
      Episode 1
      This is where it all begins. At the beginning of the episode ZZ (Ziv Zulander), the true creator of the 3A (Auto Activated Androbot) is still technically an employee of the corp. He is in RM corp tower and is recording the details of the corp's new plan to insert krang chips into all the 3As or bots in the world. This chip causes them to have control over the bots and therefore have the power to take over the world. ZZ has decided to fight the company he once worked for with the aid of his BOYZZ (Brain Operated Young Zygoetopic Zoids). They are intelligent bots witch ZZ originally created to be his playmates. He is now forced to use them in his fight against the corp.moreless