The Boy

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The Boy

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This promising Canadian series follows the adventures of one Toby Goodwin, an average grade-school student who's actually a genius. As a member of the International Federation For Peace (IFP), Toby joins experienced agent Bob Saint-Vincent to travel all over Canada and the world to solve mysteries and stop crimes. Featuring a charming mix of humor, action, and a good dose of style. The Boy is a series that delivers on the ultimate kid fantasy…. Imagine a world of intrigue, secret agents and cover operations. Now picture a boy genius trained to be part of the elite force of espionage. Team up with a partner who's cooler than James Bond and have them accomplish a dangerous mission before the end of the school day. The Boy is a stylish, fast paced, action adventure series with a heart and a good dose of humour. The Boy is currently off the air, and has been since the last episode shown on YTV on September 5th, 2005.


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