The Brady Bunch Hour

Season 1 Episode 7

Episode 6

Aired Unknown Apr 04, 1977 on ABC
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Episode 6
Opening number, "Celebrate" (Gordon/Bonner) (all) Greeting sketch in which the Bradys celebrate the start of Spring. Redd Foxx shows up and explains he'll be observing the show to get ideas for his own variety program on the ABC network. (Commercial break) Musical number, "If My Friends Could See Me Now" (Coleman/Fields) (all) Dissolve to: Alice and Merrill discuss Spring, and how Marcia met a new "young dude". Redd Foxx comes in and tells them to let the audience see what happened. Dissolve to: Cindy and Bobby are coming home from roller skating, Cindy is furious with Bobby for screwing up her date with a boy at school and when Bobby says "It was nothing!" Cindy yells "YOU'RE NOTHING!" (Note: Have we ever seen Cindy be this angry before in the original series or in any of the other reunion specials?) Bobby thinks the guy is a creep. Cindy calls Bobby a dumbo for ruining things. Mike explains to Bobby that Cindy is upset because she's turning into a woman. Carol reflects that only yesterday she was explaining to Cindy the bumps in her Barbie doll. Alice come home and avoids saying where she's been, Merrill rings the doorbell because Alice forgot her purse. Peter, Mike, and Carol suspect some kind of romance is going on, although Alice denies it. Greg and Jan then return. Jan is angry because she doesn't have a boyfriend and Greg has to drive her home. Marcia arrives and introduces someone, a 70's pothead by the name of Winston Beaumont, and announces they are engaged to be married. (Commercial break) Musical number, "Southern Nights" (Toussaint) (Jan, Greg, Marcia) Dissolve to: Cindy asks Peter if she is pretty, and Peter responds in the affirmative taking special note of her eyes. Peter tells Cindy she's turning into a woman because she doesn't make any sense. Cindy takes note of the turkey Marcia brought home, Redd Foxx enters and asks who's she calling a turkey. Redd explains that he's just observing. Cindy asks him why the USA has never had a black president, Redd explains that the father of the country was black and what white person would name their child George Washington? Peter asks who would name their kid Winston Beaumont? Redd asks what ever happened to that freak? Peter invites everyone to see what happened. Dissolve to: Mike and Carol converse with Marcia and Winston about their plans to get married. Mike asks if they can talk with Marcia alone and Winston leaves for the evening. Mike and Carol forbid Marcia to marry Winston, Marcia becomes defiant and asserts that "I'll marry him whether you like it or not!" (gasps from the studio audience). Dissolve to: The next morning, Mike and Carol are eating breakfast. Alice says Winston can't be that bad and suggests they give him a second look, Carol then makes some suggestive comments about Alice and Merrill. Merrill barges in and professes his love for Alice in a melodramatic manner, Alice insists there is nothing between the two of them. Merrill is humiliated and rushes out. Alice notes what if that were Marcia rushing out so upset, Mike and Carol then agree to give Winston a second chance. Merrill pokes his head through the kitchen window and asks if it worked. Mike and Carol then realize that Alice and Merrill have been putting on an act that will convince them to reconsider Marcia's engagement. (Commerical break) Mike and Carol welcome everyone to the second half the show. Mike scolds those who are just tuning in for being a half-hour late. They review the situation with Marcia. Redd Foxx appears and says that Winston could be worse. Carol explains that they agreed to meet Winston again and to invites the audience to see what happened next. Dissolve to: Winston is out on the beach with Peter. Marcia is looking for him in the house. The other Brady kids profess their dislike for Winston. Peter and Winston return, Winston has been telling Peter all sorts of things about baseball and he is very impressed. Marcia suspects that something strange is going on and asks Winston to talk with her out on the patio. Marcia confronts Winston with how he has been contradicting himself and calls him a fake. She notes that everyone who talks to him is right about everything. Winston admits that he says and does whatever is necessary for people to like him. Marcia gently calls off the engagement and asks him to call her when he figures out who he is. Dissolve to: Peter begs Greg to push him in the pool. Greg refuses. Peter starts screaming to be pushed into the pool. Greg refuses again. Peter becomes desperate and Greg pushes him into the pool. Then Redd Foxx comes out and pushes Greg into the pool. Redd introduces The Ohio Players. Musical number, "Fire" (The Ohio Players) (commercial break) Musical number, "How Lucky Can You Get" (Ebb/Kander) (Carol) Dissolve to: Redd Foxx explains in an extended monologue why he would never be able to have his own variety show. Dissolve to: Mike, Carol, Greg, Marcia, and Peter introduce the Finale about Spring. They are all holding flowers, Greg complains that he has only one carnation and Marcia has a whole bunch of roses. Peter says all he has is an onion, Carol explains that it's a flower bulb. "Singing In the Rain" (Brown/Freed) (Instrumental/Krofftette Dancers) "April Showers" (De Sylva/Silvers) (Mike and Carol) "I Never Promised You A Rose Garden" (South/Harris) (Jan) "Spring Will Be A Little Late This Year" (Loesser) (Carol) "Paper Roses" (Spielman/Torre) (Marcia and the Brady Kids) "Tip Toe Through the Tulips" (Burke/Dubin) (Alice and Merrill) "Stop and Smell the Roses" (Davis/Severinsen) (Greg) "I Hear Laughter in the Rain" (Sedaka) (all) (Commercial break) Carol is glad are things are back to normal, Mike asks Marcia how it feels to be single again. Greg and Peter thank themselves for being the guests. Mike is annoyed and thanks the real guests. Bobby thanks Knuckles Nunzzio. Bobby explains he was offered a dollar to say his name on the air, Carol leads the entire family in saying his name and asks Knuckle for eight dollars. The Bradys say goodnight. The Bradys sing "United We Stand" (Hiller/Simmons)moreless

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