The Brady Bunch

Season 1 Episode 15

54-40 and Fight

Aired Unknown Jan 09, 1970 on ABC

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  • Pretty bad TV, I don't really wonder why this series struggled in the ratings.

    The Brady boys and girls must decide what to get with their combined books of trading stamps. Hilarity does not ensue.

    A fairly standard episode for season 1, and an example of a rare exception where the first season is the weakest on a series. The "problem" in this episode is a small one, what should the kids get with their trading stamps, with the boys and girls disagreeing. What's unpleasant is that while Mike and Carol fawn over the children and their feelings, they have no real desire to step in and make any kind of decision, therefore forcing a "contest" of building a house of cards to settle the trouble (even this low grade solution is Alice's idea). The first season trivia is lessened a little later in the series as the kids grow up - at least at this point, the children have more complex situations - friends, dating difficulties etc. that make the episodes more interesting. This episode ranks with those that deal with the "crushing" problems of missing dolls, what pediatrician to use, or if Jan is really allergic to the family dog. I sometimes wonder what Sherwood Schwartz wanted this series to be, other than trading on the movie "Yours, Mine, and Ours". The bland adults and kids are actually a step backward from earlier shows like" Leave it to Beaver" or "My Three Sons".
  • A sewing machine!?! You gotta be kidding me; This means war!

    I mean it! Why in the heck would you want to buy a sewing machine? I mean, of course, its a girls thing, and I'm a guy, so what? But a row boat can be used for the entire family. It can be used to have fun and for everybody to ride. You don't find five boys using sewing machines. Sewing machines are boring anyway. Right? Aren't I right? Of course I am. (: The storyline was average, I wish there were food stamps this day, its better than using real money, but nope, no more food stamps. Oh well. The quest to see who would pick what to do with the food stamps was dumb. If Marhsa's bracelet made the cards fall down, it should count because she was crazy enough to wear it. Greg's incident was different. It was an accident/ He had no idea that Tiger was gonna come inside and ram into his behind and force him to knock the house of cards down. The girls cheated!