The Brady Bunch

Season 1 Episode 8

A-Camping We Will Go

Aired Unknown Nov 14, 1969 on ABC

Episode Recap

Mike is making preparations for a weekend camping trip. This is something he is accustomed to doing with the boys, but it is a first for Carol and the girls. The parents hope the trip will help bring the family together.  Things do not get off to a promising start because the boys are not thrilled at having the girls along and the girls are not thrilled at the idea of camping. They are pressured by their parents to go along with it.

At the camping ground, things go even more wrong when Mike insists the girls accompany the boys on a fishing trip. But the girls get repulsed by handling fish and their screaming scares the fish off. Even worse, Cindy takes a fall into the lake. As a result, the boys end up with paltry catches for the fish dinner and are even more annoyed with the girls. Fortunately Carol packed some emergency provisions. The boys call it sissy food, but hunger makes them cave in to eating it with relish.

Night time brings more problems. The girls, Alice and Carol get scared by owl hoots, croaking frogs, and a hissing noise which they think is a rattlesnake but is in fact Alice's leaking air mattress. Their screams keep bringing Mike over to check on them, which disrupts sleep for him and the boys. The boys are more annoyed than ever and scorn the girls for being so scared. Their taunts provoke Jan and Marcia into taking revenge by tricking the boys into thinking there is a bear outside their tent. This scares the boys into the girls' tent, and it collapses. Now the boys and girls are together - under one collapsed tent. Carol tells Mike that they finally have togetherness.

Back home, Mike is so exhausted from the trip that he is glad to get into bed. Greg tells his parents that he and his siblings have had a discussion. They have decided that they did have a good time and ask if they can go everyplace with them from then on. Naturally, the parents say yes, and laugh with delight after Greg leaves. They got togetherness after all.

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