The Brady Bunch

Season 1 Episode 8

A-Camping We Will Go

Aired Unknown Nov 14, 1969 on ABC

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  • Classic

    The first season of the Brady Bunch was a little different-more of a "pilot" season, a test run to see how the concept faired. The first season was different because Mike and Carol were stricter with the kids-correcting their grammar and behavior and so forth,and also promoting more family togetherness as the new families adjusted to each other. This episode is a classic example of Mike's "All For One and One For All" mentality. Mike and the boys are planning one of their famous camping trips- but guess who doesn't want a bunch of icky new girls along? Carol's brood, with the gender roles clearly defined (another feature of the first season, Marcia's pre-woman's lib days) is just as opposed to the idea of camping- to them, strictly a "boys'" activity. But Carol is firm-"If they like camping, WE like camping", and it's settled. The whole bloomin' Brady bunch, with Alice in toe in Smokey the Bear garb, is ready to head out to an unspecified wilderness area, tho this place has no wild animals (owls and bugs don't count). Carol, usually looking like the perfect housewife, is dressed in a flannel shirt and jeans and Mike tells her he loves it. Mike is ready in his checkered shirt and woodsman's cap, and the kids with their sleeping bags. Just as everyone is settled into the car, Cindy whispers to Carol that she has to go to the bathroom, and by the power of suggestion, everyone else follows the lead, including Alice, who struggled to get into the backseat with her backpack still on! (But they never explain-where's the toilet?!)

    The gang arrives at a lakeside view to set up camp, and Mike is eager to take the kids fishing, and need to round them up. Alice, acting as drill sergeant (her pre-Sergeant Emma days) steps in a bucket of water and goes to change her shoes. Alice and Carol are getting hungry back at camp, and Alice (who took Psychology in school) uses another power of suggestion-if you don't think about food, you won't get hungry.But it doesn't worked for long-she flunked Psychology. The kids come back two by two, and more antics are popping up. the girls are squeamish about fishing, loosing hold of some prize catches and getting tangled up in fish lines. Cindy even feel in the lake, and ending up "swimming by accident". They are left with two measly sardine size catches, except Carol is brilliant- she and the girls have packed an emergency picnic basket of food for the starving crew. Greg, in his typical jerkiness, accuses Mike of eating "sissy" food, cold cuts, fried chicken and cheese from the supermarket. Mike would rather be a sissy (LOL ! ) than "starve at camp!" The girls make over the food, and the younger boys finally give in the some land lover's eats.

    That night, under a full moon, Mike and Carol share a romantic moment and kiss by the fire (rarer, probably, when the kids were younger). But the kids have started to call them already. Back in their tents, Alice is trying hard to arrange her sleeping bag with an inflatable air mattress, and keep the metal (ouch!) curlers on her head just so. Everyone settles in, and the girls get spooked by night noises like an owl, leaving Mike and the boys with little sleep. But even more scary is a hissing sound, Alice is convinced a rattlesnake got her, but her head "hardware" punctured the air mattress. To get revenge on the boys, Marcia and Jan out a bear cutout with a flashlite behind up to their tent. the boys go wild, and they all end up in the girls tent wrestling around til it collapses and Mike and Carol are beat.

    Back at home, the kids have a big family meeting, and decide they want to come along on every trip Mike and Carol take, and the parents collapse on the bed with laughter and exhastion.