The Brady Bunch

Season 1 Episode 6

A Clubhouse Is Not a Home

Aired Unknown Oct 31, 1969 on ABC

Episode Recap

The kids are outside playing happily, which prompts the parents and Alice to toast their success on getting the family together.

The toast proves premature. As the family start unpacking boxes from their move, quarreling erupts again. Carol keeps shifting the marker in the closet that divides her wardrobe and Mike's in order to get more space than he does. The boys bring up boxes for the girls, but think they are too bossy. After more arguments, they walk off the job and retire to their clubhouse. Mike has a word with them, and they agree to try to relate more to the girls. But the girls and boys are soon squabbling again, and this results in a chase that ends up in chaos in the parents' room.

After this, Mike lays down the law that the kids have to share. But when the girls start sharing the clubhouse, the boys do not like the changes they have made, and fighting erupts again. Mike believes that a line must be drawn here and the boys should have their own men's space with the clubhouse. Carol says they must share. The boys put  a "No Girls Allowed" sign on the clubhouse while the girls stage a demo for a right to share the clubhouse. The parents try to persuade the kids to see the others' point of view more. Alice refuses to take sides - until she sees a television program about equality in the home. This gives her an idea.

At Alice's suggestion, Carol and the girls start making a girls' clubhouse, which they make a deliberate mess of. Mike and the boys are watching and reach the point where they decide to step in. Carol admits the ruse to Mike, but he says he guessed anyway because Carol is such a rotten actress. When it is finished, Mike reflects on the lessons they have learned from the experience before dedicating the new clubhouse. Just then the boys's clubhouse falls down because Bobby used nails from it to build the girls' clubhouse. The boys demand to share the girls' clubhouse, which leads to another fight.

Afterwards the kids are watching television and everything is quiet. Mike now thinks it is all smooth sailing - until the kids start fighting over which program to watch.