The Brady Bunch

Season 1 Episode 6

A Clubhouse Is Not a Home

Aired Unknown Oct 31, 1969 on ABC

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  • This ones ours

    This is a good episode the kids act as normal kids of the same age would in the situation Marcia"just a minuett this ones ours" jan "the GIRLS clubhouse Peter "were supposed to share things" Greg "ya share and share alike", ARGUING carol. "Mike" mike "I guess it's all a part of pared ice ARGUING continues
  • You need to share!

    In this episode the girls want to play in the boys club house. I think the girls should have stayed out becasue the boys have created their own space and it looked like a boys space. The girls needed to create their own space and make it girly.
    Carol trying to prove that the girls could build their own was funny but I think Alice should have helped being a fellow girl but I understand she has loyalty to the boys because she has known them longer! ha ha ha

    The fact that boys helped the girls builder their new house and the girls letting them in their new house when the boys fell down was really nice to see them help each other out.
  • This episode is about how two families join as one and have to learn to share everything, including bathrooms and closet space. However, when the boys' clubhouse come into play, each side views it differently.

    I really liked this episode. Mike & the boys and Carol & the girls are coming together as a family and are having to make room for each other. Mike & Carol have back and forth over closet space and the boys & girls argue over the bathroom. The boys don't like all the girlie things in their bathroom. The parents finally remind everything that it is "share and share alike" around there, however, when the girls want to hang out in the boys' clubhouse, Mike and the boys draw a line. Carol then decides to try to build a girls' clubhouse for the girls, with the girls help, in an attempt to get Mike to help them. Another great installment of this classic show.
  • Two different armies build clubhouses.

    Since I am a boy, I'm always sticking up for the boys. But the girls always seem to win on TV, so now its not fair to us boys. The Boys clubhouse is supposed to be the place where boys can be boys, and be away from the girls. But dumb, dumber, and dumbest; (Meet the cast: Dumb - Marsha; Dumber - Cindy; Dumbest - Jan;) Where was I? Oh yeah, because of dumb, dumber, and dumbest, the boys territory was completely ruined. It really stinged me when I saw all those curtains and dolls in the BOYS clubhouse. I laughed myself to death seeing the girls try to put together a clubhouse, but then I stopped when I saw the boys helping them after it fell down. And, gosh! Bobby just had to use the nails from the boys clubhouse - You get the picture. That so stings me!
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