The Brady Bunch

Season 4 Episode 23

A Room at the Top

Aired Unknown Mar 23, 1973 on ABC

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  • From watching episodes of season five before this episode, I knew Greg would get the attic. But I didn't know he wouldn't want it in the beginning.

    When the parents clean out the attic, they get the idea to let one of the older kids settle and have their bedroom in the attic, once it is cleaned up. Who wouldn't want the attic??? Its huge!!! Did you see it?? Its like three times both rooms combined, or something like that. When Mike and Carol both agree to give Greg the room because he's older, Greg accepts. Marcia then throws, what my folks call, a "hissy fit". She tries to put all the guilt on Greg, so he'll give her the freakin' attic. And it works. How could Greg of been so stupid to fall for it?? Marcia really pisses me off how she likes to take advantage of people. Boooooooooo!!!!! But then Peter gets an idea after Bobby brings up the word, "stairs". Its tough going up and down all of those stairs. So Peter and Bobby get three prank callers, asking for Marcia, but when she gets down there, they aren't on the phone. She assumes Greg did it, but Greg right then knows its Peter and Bobby. Thank goodness, Marcia agrees to give Greg the room back because she was being immature earlier, and Greg was. So thats how Greg gets his room up in the attic. Great episode!
  • Greg Moves Into His Own Room

    Possiby the second time we see the attic as the attic, before it becomes Greg's room, I mean Marcia's. no wait it's Gregs!!!
    The plot centers around the war of the sexes for the attic room!
    Marcia wins out as Greg gives in, but it's Bobby and Peter's plain to make Marcia to give her "new"room up.
    Classic is many ways, a well written and thought up epiosde.