The Brady Bunch

Season 5 Episode 1

Adios, Johnny Bravo

Aired Unknown Sep 14, 1973 on ABC

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  • The best episode of the whole series.

    Episode #96, the premiere episode of the 5th and final season (unfortunately--the series should have lasted at least one more season even though the supposed story behind the cancellation of the Brady Bunch is that the kids were getting \"big heads\" because of their stardom) is the best episode of the whole series even though on a recent TVLand countdown it was rated #4. There are so many good things about this episode. This family was always there for each other which is the main premise of the show, and it shows the best in this episode: Greg gives up his fleeting fame and possible fortune for \"the right thing:\" knowledge (going to college) and of course, his siblings. This pop culture phenomenon known as \"The Brady Bunch\" is is not only funny just like any popular sit-com, but also teaches you how to live.