The Brady Bunch

Season 1 Episode 4

Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore

Aired Unknown Oct 17, 1969 on ABC
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No longer feeling needed around the Brady household, Alice makes up a story about an ailing aunt in Seattle in order to leave. Later the family finds out the truth and put "Operation Alice" in effect in an attempt to make her stay.

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  • Jan is looking HOT in this episode

    I think Jan looks so dang sexy, shapely & HOT In this episode. I love her in the tight red long sleeve turtleneck. She is definately well endowed here. I love her long beautiful blonde hair. I think her braces also make her HOT too. She also has sexy legs. WHAT A BABE!!! She is far HOTTER than Marcia in this one.
  • Did Alice make the right decision? ha ha ha

    Well who could blame Alice for thinking that the Brady's didn't need her anymore. With a new mother to take over she could do everything, so what would Alice be left doing?

    Alice did start it all though because she was trying to make Carol feel important and it backfired becasue the boys ended up always turning to Carol. Alice had the right intensions.

    It was nice but corny how the Brady's went out of their way to show that she was needed. Really Carol could have probably done it all herself but if you got a maid why trouble yourself! ha ha hamoreless
  • The Bradys don't need Alice anymore - Yeah right!

    Um, where in the world would Alice get the idea of not being needed in the Brdy household anymore? There are six kids and only two adults if she left. They need at least one more adult, come on! And if there was no Alice, the complete box of family members in the opening theme song and credits would be ruined. There would be a whole empty box in the middle! But anyway, I wasn't crying, but its like, I was sad inside that Alice felt like she wasn't needed, but then when I look at it the other way, she started it! She thought she wasn't needed but she told Bobby to go to his mother when he got in a bike accident when she could of helped him and she told Peter and Greg to go sort the problem of the missing glove with their mother, so I don't know why she thinks the Bradys don't need her!moreless
  • A Tale of Preteen Surgeons

    In this episode, the kids stage "Operation Alice," a procedure that leaves their beloved maid with one kidney and about ten percent less of her small intestine. While some viewers might find the scene in the operating room a bit unpleasant, we can still find some solace in the fact that this episode was the primary influence for that other 'wacky scalpel' show, M*A*S*H. And the imitations didn't stop there. Doogie Howser, anybody? This episode, by the way, includes plenty of precocious dialogue. Who among us doesn't get a kick out of little Cindy as she insists on 'thlicing out Alith'es thpleen.'moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • In this episode, Greg comes home and needs math help. He tells Alice that he'll go to mom because "she's a wiz at this stuff". Yet, in "Father of the Year", when Marcia needs help with her homework, she needs to rely on dad instead of mom because "it's math" with the implication being that mom is no good at math.

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  • NOTES (2)

    • In "Lost Locket, Found Locket", Alice mentions a sister named Myrtle. This is probably the same "Mert" she is talking to when she refers to herself as "an old victrola"

    • This isn't the last time that Alice threatens to quit. She would later leave, temporarily, in an episode during the fourth season, "Goodbye Alice, Hello".


    • The title of this episode was taken from the 1933 song "Annie Doesn't Live Here Anymore" written by Joe Young, Johnny Burke, and Harold Spina. Coincidentally, more than four years after the episode aired, a Martin Scorsese-directed movie was released with the same title as this episode.  The title of that movie may also have been based on that song.