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The Brady Bunch

Season 2 Episode 23

Alice's September Song

Aired Unknown Mar 12, 1971 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Alice's September Song

Alice and Carol arrive home from shopping to find a phone message for Alice. It seems that an old boyfriend of Alice's, Mark Millard, is in town and begins to wine and dine her, unknown to her he has other intentions in mind. Meanwhile, Alice's nightly dates with Mark put a damper on her and Sam's relationship.


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    Good old Alice, the lovable housekeeper who is unfortunately not-so-lucky in love over the years (except for her beloved Sam) comes home with Carol from grocery shopping one afternoon to find a telephone message waiting for her. There\\\'s a jumbled name written on the notepad by the kitchen/family room phone, to which Carol remarks :\\\"If iv\\\'e told those kids a hundred times, when someone calls, get the name right!\\\" \\\"I tried\\\" says Cindy strolling into the room, and is quick to inform Alice that even tho she can\\\'t spell very good, she can remember good. Cindy says the caller\\\'s name was Mark Millard, and that he said he\\\'d call back, to which Alice britens. Carol wonders if this is a new boyfriend of Alice\\\'s, to which Alice replies reminiscently, \\\"No Mrs. Brady, an old one\\\". Alice and Carol are excited that this old high school flame who use to melt Alice\\\'s knees has remembered her after all these years. That evening, Alice is busy getting spiffied up for her date with Mark, donning a bright red dress and a cameo that has been in her family for generations. Each girl, as she gets married, passes it on to the next, and Alice jokes to the Brady girls that she\\\'s held the record for holding onto it the longest! As luck would have it, good ol\\\' Sam the Butcher has remembered their bowling date- \\\"Meat Cutters vs Bread and Pastry\\\" (which is, according to Mike, pretty \\\"crummy\\\" competition\\\" !), but Alice, caught up in the excitement of Mark, has not. Mike tries hard to stall Sam, but just as Alice comes out of her bedroom, Sam is still hanging around the kitchen. Alice explains the situation, and Sam is pretty good hearted about it. Shortly after, Mr. Millard arrives at the front door, with a corsage and a bouquet of compliments for Alice. As the week goes on, Mark gives Alice the big rush-dinner and dancing at a different place every nite. By now it\\\'s somewhat apparent to the audience that Mark has phony intentions, but not to the lovestruck Alice, who, by mid-week, is getting ready to go w/ him to The King\\\'s Lodge, a big new fancy restaurant. Mark is still wining and dining her, but this time he mentions a speculative business proposition. Alice has a nest egg that isn\\\'t hatching very much in the bank, and decides to cash in on the ground floor of this deal. As Alice puts the breakfast dishes away the next morning, she tells Carol about her financial plans. When Alice goes to fetch her coat for the ride to the bank, a concerned Carol calls Mike at the office, and he agrees this whole business deal sounds suspicious. Mike conveniently has a friend at the distract attorney\\\'s office, and he gives him a run down on Mark. Poor Alice finds our the truth-that Mark is a compulsive gambler, who is balancing past wives and multiple allimoney payments. When Mark show\\\'s up for the evening\\\'s date and is confronted, he tries running away thru the back door, only to slam into a frozen leg of lamb that Sam was delivering for Alice and knocks himself cold. But all\\\'s well that ends well-Alice casually sprinkles Mark awake with a watering can, and by the end of the show, Alice and Sam are back on Lover\\\'s Lane- and ready for a picnic together at Highland Park.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • In the previous episode, the Brady's made an exhaustive, successful effort to save the local "Woodland Park". They protested, orgainized a march on city hall, they cleaned the park themselves on a regular basis and Mr. Brady even faced the prospect of loosing his job! But in this episode, when the boys were upset because they didn't have enough room to fly their plane in the back yard, Sam suggested they go with him and Alice on their date to "Highland Park" to fly the plane. The boys got very excited and ran off to prepare for the trip to Highland Park. Woodland Park was not even mentioned or considered.

  • QUOTES (1)

    • Alice: (reading phone message) "Makr Maldrill." I don't think I know anybody called Makr Maldrill.
      Carol: If I've told those kids once, I've told them a hundred times, when someone calls, get the name right.
      Cindy: I tried.

  • NOTES (4)

    • Filmed on January 26, 1971

    • Alice has a cameo pin that has been in her family for generations. As each woman gets married, she passes it on to the next. Seems Alice holds the record for holding on to it the longest!

    • Alice reads the note Cindy wrote for her as Macker Malldrill. We see it spelled out on the paper as Makr Maldril (Correct is Mark Milard). Seems Cindy is dyslexic as well as suffering from lisp

    • Alice seems to have no problem telling Sam that Mark is an old boyfriend and she "half promised" him she wouldn't make any other plans while he is in town. Apparently her and Sam do not have a serious (exclusive) relationship yet.