The Brady Bunch

Season 4 Episode 16

Amateur Nite

Aired Unknown Jan 26, 1973 on ABC

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  • My Favorite Episode

    It's hard to pick a favorite Brady episode, but this would have to be it. What other fan doesn't love to hear Jan get picked on the whole time? Not to mention the two songs included. The episode is basically about Jan screwing up the amount of money they owe for this silver platter with engravings for Mike and Carol's anniversary. So what would any average person do to get that money? They enter a talent show to win the money! The first song they sing, their audition for the talent show, is "Sunshine Day," probably their most famous song. We hear solos from Jan, Cindy, Bobby, Marcia, and Bobby again. They then perform on the show with "Keep On," somewhat of a fast pace song.

    Let's review their performances, shall we? First, I feel bad and embarrassed for Cindy, Peter, and Jan. Or otherwise: Susan Olsen, Christopher Knight, and Eve Plumb. It's obvious they weren't into this whole thing. They had trouble remembering the choreography. Susan had no rhythm in either of the songs, same with Chris, who I'm pretty sure wasn't singing in either of the songs. And Eve looked like she was in pain towards the end of "Keep On." Now let's move on to the more enthusiastic kids: Marcia, Greg, and Bobby. Or again: Maureen McCormick, Barry Williams, and Mike Lookinland. Maureen had a little trouble in "Keep On." She forgot to hold the microphone up to her mouth for almost the entire song, but otherwise her dancing was usually on key. There's not much to say about Barry. He didn't really mess up, but he didn't stand out, either. I'm shocked he didn't give himself a solo or something. Now Mike, he had me cracking up watching him the entire time! From his "groovy" solo to his "far out" dancing, I think he nailed it. Sure, his singing could have been better, but he was making an effort. I loved how he's probably the most underestimated Brady, but he definitely brought his A game to his performances with his rhythm and style here. Bravo, Bobby (or shall I say Mike?), bravo!

    And there you have it. My favorite episode, along with a quick review of what I thought of the kids' dancing and singing abilities. All in all this episode deserves 10/10.