The Brady Bunch

Season 4 Episode 16

Amateur Nite

Aired Unknown Jan 26, 1973 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Sunshine Day and Keep On, which were both sung by the Brady Bunch kids, were re-enacted in the 1998 Brady Bunch Movie. The actors who played the kids in the film lip-synched to the original songs, recorded by the 6 kids from the TV show.

    • When the kids are practicing in the garage and Alice looks down at the ground to see what they are doing you can here Marcia say "Come on Chris" and then let out a big laugh.

  • Quotes

    • Greg: Jan, you dingaling. We got about as much chance on getting on that show and winning first place and getting that money as we do of robbing a bank.
      Bobby: Hey...
      Greg: Forget it.

    • Alice: Well they've gotta win! It'd be a shame if they didn't!

    • (Cindy , upon hearing they won a plaque for third place)
      Cindy: How much do you charge a letter?

  • Notes

    • Guest star Robert Nadder (Alfred Bailey) who portrayed a gift store clerk in this episode also appeared in a previous episode as Mr. Gaylord the studio photographer who snapped photo twice of the six kids in "The Not-So-Rose-Colored Glasses." Coincidentally, those only two episodes that Nadder was in were about Mike's and Carol's anniversary.

    • Stephen Dunne (Pete Sterne) appeared in a previous episode as Alice's former boyfriend, Mark Millard, in "Alice's September Song."

    • Choreography for the song the Silver Platters performed on TV wasn't as good as what they did for the audition. The kids were really out of sync with each other throughout the second song. Plus, at the beginning Marcia forgot to sing into the microphone, Bobby almost fell down during a spin move, Peter was shown singing the wrong words, and Cindy was having trouble with the cord at the end.

    • These songs were also used in the "Brady Kids" animated series.

    • Words on the silver platter:
      "Mom And Dad Happy Anniversary All Our Love
      Greg Marcia Peter Jan Bobby Cindy".
      "Alfred Bailey" [Robert Nadder] told Jan the price total
      reached $56.23. The way the total came to $56.23 is the
      engravement is 85 cents a letter, there were 63 letters,
      63 X 85 = $53.55 + 5% tax of $2.68, $53.55 + $2.68 = $56.23

    • Songs: It's a Sunshine Day & Keep On

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