The Brady Bunch

Season 2 Episode 6

Call Me Irresponsible

Aired Unknown Oct 30, 1970 on ABC

Episode Recap

Greg comes to his parents with something on his mind; it is very serious and he finds it hard to say. Eventually he tells them he wants a car (partly to impress a girlfriend, Randy Peterson) and is looking for a part time job to help him pay for it. He has decided to be an architect and wants a job at Mike's office. Mike agrees to talk to Mr Phillips.

Mike tells Greg he has scored the job. Greg is dismayed that he starts as an office boy, because he had unrealistic expectations about starting big in architecture. His job will include making deliveries on his bicycle. He also asks for money from his siblings to help buy the car, and they agree after being told they will be paid to ride in it.

Greg starts his job, and is a bit too enthusiastic about cleaning the office, polishing the dustbins as well as emptying them. But disaster strikes when Greg is assigned to deliver some important designs. On the way, he stops at the newsstand for a new issue of Car Sport, and loses the plans when the cap falls off and they slide out of the cylinder. When Greg realizes, he goes back to search, but fails to find the plans. At home, he is in big trouble, and the mistake for Mike's firm will be costly. Mike calls Mr Phillips. He offers to salvage the situation because he has the original sketches and can reconstruct the plans, though it will mean a hard night's work in the den. Greg loses his job and is deeply crushed.

Carol and Alice press Mike to wangle a second chance for Greg. So, when Mike takes the reconstructed plans to Mr Phillips, he asks for Greg to be the delivery boy, to show he has not lost faith in his son. Mr Phillips agrees, and Mike accepts full responsibility if something goes wrong again. Greg is delighted at the news. But on the way, the chain on his bicycle breaks. Randy and her father spot him and give him a lift. But they drive off with the plans still in the car. Greg makes a fast call to find Randy, and heads over to her drama school. Randy tells Greg her father took the car to the garage. He goes to the garage; Mr Peterson is not there, but his car is.

Back home, Mike is anxious because Greg is late. Then Greg comes in, saying he has delivered the plans. He does not go into details about what happened.

The parents are perusing the newspaper for movies when Greg comes in with his new suit. It is for his date with Randy - watching television - who is very understanding as she knows Greg is saving for a car. The parents take a leaf out of Greg's book and spend the evening on television instead of a movie.