The Brady Bunch

Season 3 Episode 21

Cindy Brady, Lady

Aired Unknown Feb 18, 1972 on ABC
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Cindy Brady, Lady

With Jan trying to create a more mature hairdo and Marcia beginning to balance dates, Cindy begins to feel left out and is called immature by her two older sisters. Cindy tries to make herself more grownup by trying to act more mature and even tries dressing up in Carol's clothes. Later, Cindy suddenly feels important when she suddenly gets a mysterious letter from a secret admirer.


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  • Very touching episode.

    Cute little pig tailed Cindy is the one with the boyfriend problem this time. She feels very left out because her older sisters get to go out on dates with boys, catching movies and sodas and all kinds of groovy stuff. Why couldn't i have skipped from 8 right to 15?! she says, and tries all kinds of things to be grown-up. Her new "lady" image includes donning Carol's dress and high heels, and pretending to be older to a boyfriend of Marcia's on the phone, suggesting a "double date". Alice offers encouragement by pointing out that OLD ladies have to put wrinkle cream on every night, and Carol and Mike say she will get to do all those things like her sisters when she is older, too. Cindy still thinks that 8 is a dumb age, but that mood soon changes when she starts receiving letters and gifts from a mysterious secret admirer.

    Hand written notes,poems, a 10 cent candy bar, wildflowers, hair ribbons and a fake diamond ring show up at the front and back doors over the upcoming days, much to Cindy's excitement. And even more exciting- a call from the mystery man himself! "At last we're talking 'face to face' !", says an excited Cindy. And this is the really touching part- we find out the secret admirer is Bobby on the other end of the payphone. (This is a really touching episode to me, because it's rare that a real brother, or even someone else, would take the time to play pretend boyfriend.) Cindy wants to know when they can meet-Bobby looks for excuses and almost slips up when he says he can only come at 3 the next day, and informs Cindy that's when she takes her ballet class, so she couldn't. Cindy informs him that her ballet teacher is sick, and that she'll see him then! Oops! Looks like Bobby is in a little spot. Later that night in bed, while the others sleep, the secret admirer writes Cindy a note that he can't meet tomorrow because he is moving to Europe (LOL). Bobby sneaks downstairs to place it outside the front door, when oops! he gets locked out. Mike wonders what Bobby is doing "sleepwalking" in his bathrobe and slippers, and Mike and Carol aren't too pleased that Bobby was leading Cindy on "for a big letdown".(which is stupid, because he only meant well). They make him promise he will tell Cindy tomorrow. The next morning, Bobby starts to, but he just can't break the news or Cindy's heart. That afternoon after school, Bobby and his friend, Tommy Jameson (Eric Shea) decide to do some trading from the collection of doodads in their pockets. First it's Bobby's rabbit's foot for Tommy's pencil sharpener, then it's Bobby's "real Kennedy half dollar". But what will Tommy give for it? Well, maybe he'll DO something. Shortly later, Tommy shows up at the Brady's front door with some wilted wildflowers (which look surprisingly like the ones used earlier in the episode!). Cindy finally gets to meet her "real" date, and comes very lady-like down the stairs, with her hair up and the Romeo and Juliet music as a backdrop. "At last i have the pleasure of making your acquaintance", and Tommy gives an awkward "hi". Cindy ask Alice to vase her flowers and for some refreshments (banana splits) later on. Tommy suggests playing on the swingset, teeter tottering, and tree climbing, and Cindy puts down his ideas as being immature. Tommy is ready to leave, saying she's too mature for him, but Cindy says she was just pretending for a date. He now thinks she is cool because she has pigtails and collects lizards. Bobby, who is watching from the family room window, gets his half-dollar back, on Tommy's insistence, because Cindy is so much fun he doesn't have to be played to play with her. Mike and Carol are less than pleased with Bobby's bribery, but luckily Cindy never finds out the truth. The episode ends on a funny note, with Cindy searching for a lizard (from Tommy) that has escaped out of his box, and Alice taking shelter on top of the kitchen counter, just as she did a season earlier in the episode about Myron the mouse.moreless

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