The Brady Bunch

Season 3 Episode 11


Aired Unknown Nov 26, 1971 on ABC

Episode Recap

Greg comes home holding a football, and looks like he has difficult news to break. Bobby comes over for some camera help with his new camera, but it is a problem that can't be helped. He then goes in to break the news to Carol and Alice, but cannot do it. Then Mike comes home, asking what his mother said, and Greg says he has not told her yet. He asks for help, so Mike and Greg go to break the news together, but even with both of them it is difficult to break. Eventually, Greg tells Carol that he made the football team. He had been reluctant to tell her because she regards football as a dangerous game where people get hurt. Mike and Greg talk her around, but Carol is still worried.

Greg starts on football practice, taking photos of his girlfriend Linette practicing pompoms, and football plans. The last causes Alice's efforts to reconstruct her secret recipe to get wiped from the blackboard. Greg makes it to first string, but is warned to practice hard to hold the place.

Bobby asks Greg for help with his photography as he is not happy with his compositions. Greg advises Bobby to take shots when people are not expecting it instead of taking posed photographs. Bobby takes the advice, much to the consternation of the family who find themselves being photographed during their more embarrassing moments.

At practice Greg takes an injury, and it is a fractured rib. When Carol hears, she refuses any more football, and Mike has to concede with her. Greg protests he will miss the opening game and lose his first-string status, but his parents are firm. He cheers up a bit when he sees the shots Bobby has taken of the family, but is still upset. Mike suggests Greg make another contribution to the game. Then Linette phones Greg. She suggests they join the cheerleaders at the game and he take more photos of her cheering. Eventually, he agrees.

Back home, Alice finally reconstructs her recipe, and at that moment Bobby takes a surprise photograph of her. Peter and Greg come home saying that the other team won because the referee made a call that they believe was rotten. Peter says a pass was in bounds, but the referee said it was out. Greg himself does not know as he was busy taking photographs of Linette. When Peter tries to explain what happened to Alice, he wipes the blackboard and Alice loses her recipe again. She is very upset.

Meanwhile, Greg develops the photographs. When he and Mike examine them, they find evidence that could prove the catch was in bounds, and an enlargement proves it is. They take the evidence to Greg's coach, and come back with the news that it is difficult to challenge a judgment call, but the coach now has strong ammunition to fight with. (The outcome is not revealed.) Greg has further news - he is now official photographer for the team. Now this is one role in football that Carol can agree with.

Alice is having difficulties reconstructing her recipe and just about ready to give up. Then Bobby comes in with the photograph he took of Alice - with her secret recipe on the blackboard. Alice is overjoyed to have her recipe back.

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