The Brady Bunch

Season 3 Episode 11


Aired Unknown Nov 26, 1971 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Carol is upset about Greg making the football team, fearing he'll get hurt.  She even says no son of hers is going to play that game.  However, Peter was on a football team in the season 2 episode, "The Drummer Boy".

    • The origin of Alice's cake recipe she writes on the blackboard - which accidentally gets erased - seems to change! When she was trying to figure the ingredients out with the girls she said it was "the best cake I ever created". But when Peter erased it she commented about it being a "recipe that's been handed down from generation to generation...ending with this one!"

  • Quotes

    • (Greg comes homes with a bruise on his arm)
      Carol: Oh, Greg!
      Greg: Mom, it's just a bruise.
      Carol: That is the biggest bruise I have ever seen in my entire life! See, this is exactly why I was so worried about you playing football!
      Greg: Mom, that's not from practice. I bumped my arm in math class.
      (cue laugh track)
      Carol: Oh, well...
      Greg: I'd be happy to quit math if you think it's too dangerous.

    • (Greg and the coach in the locker room)
      Greg: Coach, the ribs are nothing, it's telling my mother that's gonna be painful!

  • Notes

    • If you would take notice at the guy that's playing Greg's coach, he also played the coach for Peter's football team in season 2's The Drummer Boy.

    • Ironically, Greg would rejoin the football team the next season and wound up leading Westdale High to the City Championship in the episode "Quarterback Sneak" in the final season.

    • This stock footage of the football game was the same big game that Westdale beat Fairview at in "Quarterback Sneak"

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