The Brady Bunch

Season 2 Episode 12

Confessions, Confessions

Aired Unknown Dec 18, 1970 on ABC
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While playing ball with Greg and Bobby, Peter breaks Carol's favorite vase on the eve of a camping trip that he's looking forward to. So in order for him to go on the trip, the other Brady siblings unknowingly each confess. This leads Mike and Carol to deduce that Peter is the culprit and do their best to try to get him to confess.


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  • "Mom says dont play ball in the house" Well i know youve heard that saying almost a dozen times right? well this saying comes into an episode for the series classic , confessions,confessions. a great episode,very well thought out, plotted and dialog.moreless

    "Mom always says dont play ball in the house" a old saying that actually could help you stay out of trouble for breaking an expensive vase...well ive never dont it so i dont! but anyway this episode was/is very funny,and it makes you remember when your parents tell you not to play ball in the house. this episode is great and very full of comedy in the whole episode. it was a great series classic i would reccomend this episode to anyone who has trouble confessing bad things that you is a great episode, i love this one.moreless
  • What a classic!

    Mom always says don't play ball in the house! And although we never heard her say in the whole run of the series, who knew it would a plot for this episode? Peter is REALLY excited- he is eagerly looking forward to a rite of passage for every young boy-an overnite camping trip with "just the guys". So excited, in fact, he is smoothing out his sleeping bag and looking over his camping supplies early on the floor of his bedroom. The other boys watch, and Greg suggest throwing basketball free throw's in the trash can. "We better not, Mom'll get mad" warns Bobby, but how can she-she's not home. Peters Brady intercepts and goes for a shot- but maybe his winning basket was a little too good. The ball goes out the bedroom door and over the stairs, smashing smack dab into Carol's favorite vase that's sitting on the living room shelf (you know, the one where they keep the famous horse?) Now he's done it, and if the folks find out, there's be no camping trip!

    As the boys look over the broken pieces, a voice says "I won't tell anybody." It's Marcia, at the top of the stairs, followed by Jan and Cindy, and Cindy thinks at first that Greg broke it. The guys can trust the girls not to tell--but if one more Brady finds out it won't be a secret anymore! But they have to act--fast. So the boys head out to the hardware store to find the best glue possible-one that's good for vases and most of all, invisible. They talk to a clerk (about what looks like a bottle of Elmer's Glue-minus the name) and ask him how it works-but he has them read the label. (This nutty salesman is the same guy who played the nutty salesman when Peter was buying tricks for his magic act in "Light's Out".) According to him, this glue is as close to invisible as you can get--"you have to squint to see it". Just as they are about to pull off step one in hiding the vase incident, GASP!-there's Carol in the very same store! She wonders what the boys are doing downtown, and they stall and make excuses, like that Peter's buying camping supplies-a popcorn popper-to be exact. The sales guy returns with a teeny size bag and a puzzled Carol tires make a popcorn popper out of a palm-sized something. "It only pops a few kernels at a time!" says Peters, and when Carol offers to drive them home cuz she only has one more stop, the boys take a sudden interest in fitness (like a jog home) and they scatter.

    Back at home, the show plays the "up to something" music, while the older kids are on the floor in the girls' room, with newspapers spread out, trying to glue the vase, wiping the excess with water and then drying it. Bobby and Cindy are put on look-out patrol, and he reports to Cindy that Alice is trying to "mush up potatoes with an egg beater", for her specialty tonite, "Potatoes Ala-Alice". Back in the room, Greg is on pins and needles because he just read on the bottle that the glue takes 2-4 to dry. There's obviously been a report that Dear Old Dad has come home , because "two of the thundering heard" (Marcia and Jan) have come down to greet him with an oversized welcome. And of all the dumb luck! Mike has decided this nite, of all nites, to bring Carol flowers for now particular reason. But Marcia and Jan know just the vase for them, and before Mike can register the confusion, they're off with them.

    The egg beater appears to have been a flop, because Alice is now trying to avoid nicking her fingers in the potato peeling. But lucky for her, Carol has just come home from her day in town bearing a whisk. Soon everyone is ready to sit down to a delicious meal with the flowers as a centerpiece. Carol notices they are about to topple over in this dinky glass one, and suggest they move they long stemmed beauties to her FAVORITE vase. Not only in fitness, but the kids take a sudden interest in gardening and replanting the flowers. When Carol informs then you can't replant cut flowers, Peter jumps in and ask to do the arranging (along with Greg). But they are mortified when Carol says they HAVE to put water in the vase. (Why couldn't they have skipped the water? She would have never known). The boys fill it just below the "spill" line or so they think. Everyone appears to be daydreaming in silence around the kitchen table, until the vase springs a leak, and then they are eating so fast and furiously that they'll be seconds before you know it.

    Carol freaks out, and Alice wonders if anybody's got "3 coins for the fountain". The parents expect an answer on who broke it right after dinner.

    Unlike real life brothers and sisters, the Brady siblings (and step siblings at that ! ) are uncommonly nice to each other at times, and so all 5 of them confess to either Mike or Carol, to cover up for "the 6th that didn't". Marcia claims she did it skipping rope in the living room (when did she ever do that?! LOL), and Bobby says he did it playing ball in the house, which was closer to the truth than anything. Even dear old Alice admits to breaking the vase, she'll even go to her grave knowing she was guilty.

    Mike and Carol, being the wise parents that they are, know exactly what's going on, and come up with a creative solution to encourage the truth out of Peter. PETER, not the 5 who confessed, will be considered innocent and hand out punishments to the other kids. How can Peter worm his way out of this one? Let the other kids make up their own punishments! But Mike and Carol don't think they'll get the message if Jan helps Carol bake cookies, Greg takes Cindy to the movies,and Marcia takes Bobby to an amusement park. But unfortunately, Mike and Carol must have the final say, and the kids end up doing house and yard work for something they didn't do-as an ever-guiltier Peter looks on.

    With his own embarrassment at and the sibling's insistence, Peter still won't budge with the truth-so Mike and Carol have to think up a new angle-why don't they reward him for his "good" behavior? The decide to buy him a lantern for his camping trip- a great illustration because "It was Diogenes [an ancient Greek philosopher] who went around with a a lantern looking for an honest man".

    Peter and his parents go back to the hardware store, and Peter stalls in his decision. Mike and Carol think he is ready to spill the beans, but he has just decided to buy the smaller lantern over the bigger one.

    The night before his big camping trip, a dream keep bothering his conscience, as well as seeing Marcia the next morning work by the sweat of her brow to mow the astro turf grass out back. Peter is all packed and ready, and just when we think he can almost pull it off-he confesses as he's ready to walk out the door. Mike and Carol comfort him with reassuring words and a loving hug. Doug Cramer, the camp leader, is waiting out in the car, but Peter has second thoughts about going. The next scene we see is Peter taking over the other kids' chores, and even tho he's still wearing the same clothes, it's still not clear to me whether he went on the camping trip or not. Carol also wants her vase repaired again-but better this time-but before Peter can take his hands off the lawnmower-CRASH!-it shatters into a million pieces. All that work and hiding the truth and the vase is still broken!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • In the opening scene, after breaking Carol's favorite vase, Bobby says, "She always says 'don't play ball in the house!'" Yet we, the viewers never actually see or hear Carol say this.

    • When Greg and Peter go in the kitchen to put the flowers in the vase, to be safe, why not just pretend to put water in the vase with the flowers? More than likely, Mike and Carol would not have looked inside the non-transparent vase to check!

  • QUOTES (4)

    • (Carol wonders what the boys are buying)
      Peter: A popcorn popper,
      Carol: Looks pretty small to be a popcorn popper.
      Peter: It only pops a few kernels at a time!

    • (Carol and Mike want to buy Peter a lantern)
      Carol: Mike, that is inspired.
      Mike: How do you mean?
      Carol: Well, wasn't it Diogenes who went around with a lantern, looking for a honest man?

    • Carol: (coming to Mike after 5 of the kids have confessed to breaking the vase) Mike, you want to know something about that vase?
      Mike: You broke it?
      Carol: Me!
      Mike: Seems to be the trend.

    • Greg: Mom's favorite vase.
      Bobby: She always says don't play ball in the house!

  • NOTES (2)

    • This episode pretty much is an important milestone in the series as the girls willingly put themselves up as sacrificial lambs for Peter. If this episode was done a year earlier, the girls probably wouldn't have done such a thing for Peter.

    • Snag Werris , who played the nutty salesman, also played the nutty salesman who sells Peter the magic tricks in "Lights Out"