The Brady Bunch

Season 1 Episode 2

Dear Libby

Aired Unknown Oct 03, 1969 on ABC
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Episode Summary

An article in an advice column, Dear Libby, draws Marcia's attention. In the article, an anonymous person is in the same situation as Mike and Carol is in and this particular person is unhappy. This leads Marcia to draw the conclusion that Mike or Carol wrote the letter. She later shows the article to the other kids and they devise a plot to keep their newly formed family together.moreless

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  • Who knew Dear Libby could cause such tension!

    Who knew Dear Libby could cause such tension!

    I couldn't blame the kids for thinking it was about them. I mean how many families would come together with 3 kids each!

    I love Alice's name she used for the letter she wrote in to Dear Libby to find out who originally sent the letter in "Innocent Bystander" and how all the kids pop up when she calls their names. Great hiding places still within ear shot of what is being said! ha ha ha

    Even Mike and Carol got concerned with this one thinking one of them may have sent in the letter!moreless
  • The kids find an article in a "Dear Libby" column that upsets them very much.

    When Jan and Cindy are listening to Marcia read out some "Dear Libby" articles, Marcia stumbles across a weird one. She doesn't share it with Jan and Cindy until the rest of the boys see it. Then she reads it:

    "Dear Libby. There is something wrong in my family. I have three kids, and I have recently married with a person with another three kids. But things aren't working out with the other kids. What do I do?"

    The kids then get upset that either Carol or Mike has written the message. If I was them, I would be a little worried too. But I still wouldn't think someone like Carol or Mike would of written a letter like that, don't you? But it is a little weird. How many single parents with three children go out and marry another single parent with another three children? That is a little odd, don't you think? So in my opinion, the kids have every right to be worried. But when Greg tells Mike, and Marcia tells Carol... and that they both say they didn't write it, then I'm sure the children are taking huge breathes right now. But they don't know if the other parent has written it or not. So every kid, including Alice, well, deep down, she acts like a kid, lol, write a letter to Libby in concern with freaky names. "Kitty Karry-All" as Cindy, "Feeling Awful" as Bobby, "Desperately Worried" as Marcia, "Down in the Mouth" as Peter, "Real Frantic" as Jan, "Guilt Complex" as Greg, and last but not least, Alice, as "Innocent Bystander". Mike and Carol also consult with each other that none of them write the letter. But they still have Libby come over and tell them the great news. The original letter came 2000 miles from California, in Illinois!

    So like I thought in the beginning, neither Carol or Mike wrote the letter. They don't hate their new additions to the family!!! To me, this was a silly episode, but still, a great one.moreless
  • An okay episode

    This episode is good but it isn't my favorite storyline. I like the acting in it but the storyline seems to simple, like it could happen in real life which makes a good episode but for some reason I just don't like this particular storyline. I love the aliases that all the kids and Alice pick they are hilarious. When "Dear Libby" shows up it is funny because that is the one thing that nobody would have thought would ever happen. I love how at the end Mike and Carol each write a letter that they never sent. This episode may have been funny but I'm still not a fan of the storyline.moreless
  • The Kids Thinks That Their Parents Don't Like Each Other !!!

    A new paper column causes Marcia to think that their parents marriage is not really all that perfect.

    This epiosde, is one of the better epiosdes of the first season,cleavrly written and this could more or less be like the real world instead of the Brady world.

    Perfect in almost every way.

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • After Mike and Carol confess to each other in the den that neither of them wrote the letter, they decide to let the kids know after they finish the program they're watching on tv. In the next scene, the entire Brady family is watching television in the living room - presumably they are watching the same program the parents referred to. Yet, Mike and Carol are wearing different clothing. Carol is wearing an entirely different dress, while Mike changed from jeans and a red shirt to dress slacks, shirt and tie.

    • The names of the kids and Alice when they wrote to Dear Libby are:

      Cindy: Kitty Karry-All
      Bobby: Feeling Awful
      Marcia: Desperately Worried
      Peter: Down In the Mouth
      Jan: Real Frantic
      Greg: Guilt Complex
      Alice: Innocent Bystander

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Alice: If there's anything I can't stand, it's a perfect kid. And SIX of 'em, yecch!

    • Cindy: (after Bobby beats her at checkers) You cheated!
      Bobby: I did not. And besides: You didn't see me.
      Cindy: I did too!
      Bobby: You're a sore loser.
      Cindy: You're a sore winner!

    • Carol: (it's very silent) I don't hear anything
      Mike: What's the matter with that?
      Carol: Six kids and no noise. That's what's the matter with that… I've never heard such a loud silence.

    • (Cindy, upon finding out it's another family)
      Cindy: I sure am glad we're not Harry Hopeless!

  • NOTES (2)

    • These first six episodes were filmed simultaneously due to Florence Henderson's schedule. She was shooting the film Song of Norway and was not yet available to shoot episodes. To accomodate her, Paramount took all of the first six episodes, assigned them to director John Rich, and shot the scenes that Florence wasn't in.

    • "Dear Libby" is a rather obvious reference to the real-life "Dear Abby" and "Ann Landers" advice columns.


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