The Brady Bunch

Season 2 Episode 22

Double Parked

Aired Unknown Mar 05, 1971 on ABC

Episode Recap

City hall is going to bulldoze Woodland Park for a new courthouse. The kids are upset as they will lose their only park, and Carol is outraged at another park being lost to the concrete jungle. She rallies her Women's Club, confident city hall will listen to them as the Women's Club was in charge of sprucing up the park in the first place. But she does not count on the Women's Club putting her in charge of the protest! This will mean extra-hard work for her.

Carol's first attempt to lobby city hall ends in failure, but this only makes her more determined. The Brady household becomes a center of protest activity to save Woodland Park with petitions, signs, and fielding phone calls. The petitions lead to an amusing encounter with a man who is rude to Bobby and Cindy when they ask for his signature. To change the man's mind, Alice turns on her feminine charms. She gets the man's signature, but has to get rid of him quickly as he is getting too romantically interested.

But a conflict of interest arises when city hall puts Mike's firm in charge of the construction. Mike advises his family to just keep on doing their thing (the protest) while he does his (work). But at a mass press conference at city hall, Mike's boss Mr Phillips finds out that Mike's family are involved in the protest. He warns Mike to tell his family to lay off or he could lose his job. When the family hear, they offer to call off the protest for Mike's sake. But Mike will have none of it, and just tells them to keep on doing their thing while he does his.

As part of the campaign, the kids are assigned to clean up Woodland Park. They ask Mike to help him take the trash to the tip. The trip gives Mike an idea - build the courthouse on the site of the tip instead of Woodland Park, and he retires to the den to work on the proposal. The proposal blows Mr Phillips away as the relocation will provide better freeway access and parking, and cut costs. He submits it to city hall immediately, saying they will be crazy not to buy it, for it is such a bargain. City hall buys it, so Woodland Park and Mike's job are saved. City hall even puts Mike in charge of designing the new courthouse.

Mike is showing his design for the courthouse to Carol when Greg comes in to say that Woodland Park is being used as the new tip. Then he says he was just having them on. They chase him out.