The Brady Bunch

Season 1 Episode 3

Eenie, Meenie, Mommy, Daddy

Aired Unknown Oct 10, 1969 on ABC

Episode Recap

Cindy comes home with the news that she has been cast as the Fairy Princess, the lead in the school play. Her parents are thrilled. Cindy is soon hard at work learning her script, with Mike offering his school drama experience to help her by playing her co-star, Prince Victor. He is surprised to learn that all he has to is play a bullfrog because that is what the wicked witch has turned Prince Victor into. Cindy's older sisters offer help as well. The boys also help by showing Cindy how is she is going to fly in the play by hanging her on the clothes line. But then they get a reminder that they are wanted at a ballgame. They take off, forgetting to let Cindy down from the clothes line. Cindy has to call for help from Alice, but the boys come back; they need their belts back, after all. Later, they make a wand for Cindy while her older sisters set about making wings.

At school, the teachers worry about the potential audience and decide to limit numbers by allowing only one parent per child. The child must decide which parent to ask, and the other parent can come to the next production. The school phones the Brady house to explain. Alice takes the call and tells Cindy. Cindy cannot decide which parent to take. Alice suggests she stick a pin in it, but the blindfolded Cindy keeps missing. Cindy cannot tell her parents about the problem and tries to dissuade them. Eventually, Cindy tells Marcia and Greg, but they leave her even more torn between her parents. Cindy tries eenie-meenie with a daisy, but this does not help either.
The parents realize something is wrong. Alice overhears and explains. The parents are horrified at the choice Cindy has to make, but say nothing to her.

At the rehearsal, Cindy fakes a bad ankle and drops out of the play. But the teacher, Mrs Engstrom, gets suspicious when Cindy switches ankles. Mrs Engstrom phones Cindy's parents and they realize what Cindy has done. Mike decides to help Cindy by saying he has a business meeting on the night. Cindy is delighted and goes back into the play. However, she is very surprised to find both her parents in the audience. The teachers had bent the rules once the parents explained the problem. So the school put on a special performance just for the Brady family.

Cindy hopes for a part in the next play, but then wonders if she will face the same dilemma again. The parents just wish her good night.

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