The Brady Bunch

Season 1 Episode 3

Eenie, Meenie, Mommy, Daddy

Aired Unknown Oct 10, 1969 on ABC

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  • Poor Cindy :(

    Poor Cindy, what a huge decision to put on such a little girl ... and her sisters and brothers dont help one bit!

    I love how all the kids are happy for her getting the part and the boys make a wand for her and the girls a pair of fairy wings. I have to say I liked Marcia's best and was glad that they were the ones Cindy used in the play.

    If I was put in a situation like that I think I would have taken my mum.
    But all works out in the end and everyone gets to see her in the play.
  • I love the Brady Bunch. In this episode Cindy has a problem.

    Little Cindy has the lead in the school play as the Fairy Princess. However she can only have one ticket. She doesn't know if she should ask her mom or her new daddy.
    She seeks advice from various siblings before going to her teacher and claiming to have an injury. As Cindy is leaving the teacher notice that the ankle Cindy said was twisted she is now walking on now fine. Cindy says that it must be catching. So cute.
    The teacher makes a call to Mr. and Mrs. Brady and the play puts on a special show for the Brady family.
    A really sweet episode, show the thoughts of a little child when faced with a big decision.
  • Cindy has to pick who to watch her perform after getting the lead

    Cindy getting the part of the fairy princess in the school play is awesome. When Greg, Peter and Bobby hang Cindy on the clothes line and move her back and forth I laughed forever it looked like so much fun. I felt so bad for Cindy when she was told she had to pick between her parents and who could see her in her play. I would never be able to pick who to go. Alice's pin the tail on the donkey idea with the map is pure genius. It just makes it funny that it didn't work. Some of the decisions that they make in the episode are weird. But all in all this is a really good episode.
  • Getting the lead in a school play, Cindy has a hard time choosing who to ask to attend it.

    In "Eenie, Meenie, Mommy, Daddy" Cindy is happy about getting the lead in the school play and works really hard to memorize her lines. However, that happiness turns into unhappiness when she learns that she could only invite one parent to see her in the play.

    As the episode goes on, we find Cindy worrying herself silly trying to think of a solution of who to ask, with getting help from Alice, Greg and Marcia. However, their help only helps to make Cindy more confused about who to ask.

    However, it was near the end of episode that Cindy finally gets a solution that helps with her problem, her teacher and the rest of the cast put on a special performance for her family, making her happy.

    In all, I really enjoyed watching the episode. I thought that it was a nice addition to the show about the trials of trying to accomidate the new members of a blended family.