The Brady Bunch

Season 4 Episode 12

Everyone Can't Be George Washington

Aired Unknown Dec 22, 1972 on ABC

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  • Peter, to his disappointment, gets a role in a school play as Benedict Arnold, after wanting to be George Washington. After some rude comments from his friends about being a traitor, Pete tries to get himself kicked out of the school play.

    Eh, to me, this was an average episode. Pete tries out for a school play about the Revolutionairy War. He is hoping to get the role of George Washington, but gets disappointed when the school play director gives him the part of Benedict Arnold. Who wants to be Benedict Arnold? I wouldn't. But then Carol gives Pete a pep talk, and explains to Pete the teacher probably thinks you're realyl talented and deserve a really tough part. After that, he gets excited, and likes his role. But his friends bring him down when they tell him he is playing the role of a traitor. He gets upset and tries to get himself kicked out of the play. First he pretends he doesn't know his lines. So the teacher tears out the sheet with his lines on it, and puts it on one of the props in the show. Think he fakes a limp. She tells him thats perfect because Benedict Arnold had a wounded leg after the Revolutionairy War - on the same leg Peter's "limp" is on. So then he fakes larengitis, and she has no answer for that. The play is off. But then after another pep talk from his parents, re-joins the play and it is a success. All right episode, I guess.