The Brady Bunch

Season 4 Episode 12

Everyone Can't Be George Washington

Aired Unknown Dec 22, 1972 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • In "Juliet is The Sun", Peter says: Hark! and Jan says: Who goes there? In this episode, the exact same lines as those were said. So those line were heard in the George Washington and Romeo & Juliet play!

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  • Notes

    • During the dress rehersal, the viewer can see that there are no more than a dozen or so parents in attendance. Yet, when applause is heard at the end of the play, it's clearly the sound of a much larger crowd clapping. And when the camera switches to a view of Mike and Carol during the applause, neither they or any parents near them are clapping at all, though the group applause can still be heard.

    • When Pete (as Benedict Arnold) dies, and the actress playing his wife, Peggy, says, "he is gone; Benedict Arnold is no more", actor Chris Knight can clearly be seen moving and twitching on the floor.

    • It seems unlikely that the kids at school would really shun Peter simply because he was portraying Benedict Arnold in a school skit. Even if the kids knew who Arnold was, they probably wouldn't mistreat a friend, as though he really was Arnold.

    • This episode opens with a front and side view of the exterior of the "Brady house". On the left, the viewer can see a fully attached garage (the house used as the Brady home is clearly a split-level). But in the show, the Bradys simply have a carport.

    • Barbara Bernstein (Peggy) is Florence Henderson's daughter.

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