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after watching the marathon

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    I've not watched The Brady Bunch regularly for decades. But I was having a lousy week last week and the marathon that TV Land did in conjunction with the show's 40th anniversary helped me immensely. It was like seeing an old, cheerful friend whom I hadn't seen in years.

    I watched the series on a black-and-white TV when they originally aired. Then the TVs we had in the late 70s, although color, didn't have huge screens, as I watched the reruns in syndication. So this was the first time I'd seen the episodes on a bigger, brighter color screen (with my new HD TV). It looks like some of the episodes, or parts of episodes, had been restored, because the color was so vivid! I also was really, really glad that TV Land ran the episodes uncut.

    With the bigger TV, and the high definition color, I saw details I had never seen before, especially regarding the house. I had never before paid attention to the little wing on the far right (the house's left). I noticed that the characters wore the same clothes in several episodes, the way people do in real life. In the first season, it looked like Marcia was missing a tooth on the right side of her mouth!

    Were there different versions of the kids singing the theme song? It seemed like it changed a little from the second to third season, with the girls' voices becoming stronger in the third season.

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    I know the theme songs for seasons 2, 3 and 5 sound different from each other. I'm not sure if 3 and 4 use the same recording, though. Of course, season 1 isn't the kids at all.

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