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Why do you or DID you enjoy watching the Brady Bunch TV series?

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    I was watching one of the Brady Bunch Christmas episodes (season 1, episode 12 ("The Voice of Christmas"). When the boys (Greg, Peter, and Bobby) brought the Christmas tree into the house, I again noticed Greg was wearing a pair of white CVO sneakers (plimsolls UK) and Bobby was wearing a pair of navy blue CVO sneakers. It brought back memories of when I was a kid in Ohio and seeing these guys (my being the same age as Marcia, I believe). During the winter time, these guys got to wear sneakers!! They were lucky stiffs and while I'd change my shoes to sneakers once I got to school, it wasn't the same, in my book.

    So, I'm wondering why do you or DID you enjoy watching the Brady Bunch TV series?

    In my case, I can remember two reasons:

    1) The kids and I were about the same age and see how they lived and experienced life was very interesting to me, especially when they lived in a very different part of the county.

    2) Some of the times they guys wore the same sneakers I enjoyed wearing! At least they looked the same. In my case, I was waring guys Keds Surfers (manufactured between 1966 and 1972, I believe). Today, though, I realize they might have been wearing Vans, Sperry, or some other brand. Back in 1969 I only knew about Keds, Pf Flyers, Converse, and only starting to hear about Adidas, Puma, etc.

    As for watching the series, today, I love to pick up an episode from time to time for remembrance and cool, interesting, or topical topics (such as Christmas on Christmas day).

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    I started just a few years ago (came out before my time) and I loved it because it was like some of the newer shows (ie The Middle) but less "Stupid". Haha
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    I like it because it's so simple. The most complex episodes were those when Greg was caught smoking and the ones where Bobby and Cindy got lost in the Grand Canyon or where Greg whipped out on his surfboard in Hawaii and when they got trapped in those Tiki caves. Even shows like Diff'rent Strokes got more serious like touching on driving drunk, molestation and kidnapping. Now the shows get into cyber bullying, amongst other bullying, rape, murder, suicide and identity theft. When I watch TV, I usually want to watch something light, funny and has a little life lesson attached, but not badgering or is too serious. Shows like the Brady Bunch, The Partridge Family, The Donna Reed Show, Leave it to Beaver, Dennis the Menace and others are perfect. Oh yeah, I like some of the shows on today like the Middle, Parenthood, Switched at Birth, etc. But sometimes I just need a break.
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