The Brady Bunch

Season 4 Episode 6

Fright Night

Aired Unknown Oct 27, 1972 on ABC

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  • maybe my favorite episode of the series

    Personally, I think Season 4 was the best season of the series and this Season 4 episode is one of my all-time favorites. As a little kid, this episode actually scared me, believe it or not. The plot is that the Brady kids take turns turning their house into a haunted house to scare each other. Eventually, they decide to join forces to scare Alice. Their plan backfires as Mike and Carol. arrive home early. Alice arrives moments later and is scared out of her wits by a bust of Mike that Carol sculpted and entered in an art contest. Thinking the bust is an intruder, Alice clobbers it with her purse, smashing it to pieces, leaving Mike and Carol to lecture the kids about their behavior and withdrawing their allowance for 2 whole weeks! Looking back at it today, it's hard to believe that the Brady's version of a haunted house could scare anyone. Their special effects were so lame. Still, it's a great episode.