The Brady Bunch

Season 4 Episode 6

Fright Night

Aired Unknown Oct 27, 1972 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Alice claims that she's not afraid of anything in this episode. How can she possibly say that when in several previous episodes she's been shown to be afraid of spooky sounds, water, mice, lizards, and several other things?

    • How come the girls' bedroom window and the window of the attic is on opposite sides of the house, as well as the girls see the 'ghost' it looks like it's on top of the garage, which is on the other side of the house?

  • Quotes

    • Mike: (realizing the kids are playing ghost pranks and disengaged the lights) I think I'd better go fix the lights so we can see who to yell at.

    • Greg: (after losing bet) But the girls will get our allowances.
      Carol: May I remind you of your famous quote? "Poorer or wiser - which is more important?"
      Greg: (beaten) Sapped again.

    • Mike: That does it, everybody upstairs, no allowance for two weeks, and that goes for all of you.

    • Alice: I said all along it was a sucker's bet.
      Greg: You said they were making the sucker's bet.
      Alice: Anybody who believes in ghosts is a sucker.
      Marcia: Alice, aren't you scared of anything?
      Alice: Nope.
      Greg: Oh come on. What about horror movies and vampires?
      Alice: Vampires give me a pain in the neck. Ha ha that's pretty good.
      Marcia: What about werewolves?
      Alice: All bark, no bite.

  • Notes

    • This is the first episode to show their stairs-up, walk-in attic where the Brady parents went to investigate for any ghost jokes that the girls were frightened of one night and where the boys slept in the following night.

    • This episode aired, appropriately enough, four days before Halloween.

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