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The Brady Bunch

Season 3 Episode 1

Ghost Town, U.S.A.

Aired Unknown Sep 17, 1971 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Ghost Town, U.S.A.

Part 1 of 3: The kids and Alice have no clue as to what the surprise that Mike and Carol have for them. When Mike and Carol get home, the surprise is revealed as the Bradys have bought a camper and are planning a trip to Grand Canyon. As the Bradys set out for the vacation, en route, the family stops in an old ghost town where an old prospector locks them in a jail cell and steals their car.


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  • The Brady family go on vacation to the Grand Canyon.

    It starts out with all the Brady kids sending others downstairs trying to get Alice to tell them what their secret surprise from Mike is. She denies all of them, but Mike comes home soon. He brings home a pop-up camper. Those were cool in the old days, but now we have R.V.'s. Yeah R.V.'s are cooler, but pop-up campers are still great. Then he announces they are going to the Grand Canyon in Arizona. The kids go wild. So of course, they are happy. Before they get there, a man gives them directions to a ghost town down the road. The family decides to stay there for the night. But when a man, a crazy man, in my opinion, thinks they are out there to steal his gold claim. He is wrong, but the Bradys are fooled anyway. at first he seems nice. He offers to show them around. Then he tries to prove Jesse James died in that ghost town. He leads them to an old jail. Suspicious. He leads them into a jail cell. Very suspicious! Then we they least expect it, he closes and locks the cell door on them and they are locked out - until the next episode!moreless
Jim Backus

Jim Backus

Zaccariah T. Brown

Guest Star

Hoke Howell

Hoke Howell

Gas Station Attendant

Guest Star

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • I don't see how Mr. Brown could have driven off with the car and the trailer. because if you look at the scene where Mike turns around from looking out the jail cell window, you can see the car key hanging just outside of his pocket. Unless, there were two keys, and one was still in the ignition, then he should have gotten BOTH keys.

    • The Brady's are able to fill up the gas tank of the station wagon and buy soft drinks for six dollars and fifty cents.

    • Alice comments to Zacharia "..Is that the old saloon where you used to 'whoop it up'...?" How old was the prospector, anyhow? This was 1971 and the town was from the 1800s!

  • QUOTES (2)

    • Cindy: (eager to see Indians of Grand Canyon) I wanna meet the Indians and see their cabooses.
      Marcia: That's papooses. A caboose is the back end of a train.
      Cindy: Oh, I thought it was the back end of an Indian.

    • Peter: (re Indian tribes in Grand Canyon) How'd they get such strange names?
      Mike: Well, each name means something, Pete. Like Havasupai, for instance, means "Great people of blue-green running water".
      Bobby: How about my name, Dad? Does Bobby mean something?
      Peter: Yeah. It means "little man with great big running mouth".

  • NOTES (10)

    • The prospector says he knew Jesse James.  In the season 4 episode Bobby's Hero,  Bobby makes Jesse James his role model.

    • Not known about its original air date, but in the latest syndicated reruns, in DVDs, and in YouTube, the Grand Canyon and Hawaii episodes, unlike the other episodes, the nine-square family grid doesn't fill up the screen to indicate that the episode is about to end as it did back in the 80s syndicated reruns. However, there still are short ending epiloges of each part prior to their closing credits.

    • This is the only time we see Jan wearing braided pigtails.

    • The ghost town set in this episode was the same set used for the NBC show Bonanza.

    • This was Jim Backus' first appearance on the show. He later would return as Mike's pool playing boss Mr. Matthews in the final season episode titled "The Hustler".

    • This was the first of the infamous vacation episodes. Later vacation episodes would have the Brady's go to Hawaii and to King's Island amusement park just outside of Cincinnati.

    • The same opening film sequence from 1970-1971 is used again during this season.

    • The opening theme is again re-recorded, with all six Brady kids singing that immortal song, while still using the same Brady images in the nine-square grid as in the previous season. The boys get the "lovely lady" half, the girls sing the "man named Brady" part, and all six sing the final verse.

    • The Bradys get a new station wagon in this episode - a 1971 Dodge Monaco wagon.

    • Jim Backus is better known as Mr. Howell on Gilligan's Island.