The Brady Bunch

Season 4 Episode 10

Goodbye, Alice, Hello

Aired Unknown Nov 24, 1972 on ABC

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  • It's the kids' own fault

    Greg and Peter are both old enough to know better not to throw things like frisbees in the house, in the first place. They knew it was wrong from the start and they did it anyway. The boys should've learned from when Peter broke Carol's vase from playing ball in the house when they also knew that Carol told them not to. On top of that, how could the boys have missed that open crack in the lamp? Then Marcia says that all Alice had to do was turn off the record player. Marcia couldn't do it, herself? The problem is, the kids don't want to accept that it was all their fault to begin with so they decide to blame Alice. That's the problem with people when they do something wrong they try to find a way to make it someone else's fault because they don't want to be the guilty party.
  • Them kids were MEAN to Alice! Poor Alice!

    Wow, talk about giving someone the cold shoulder! The Brady kids were so god dang mean to Alice! I mean, just imagine all that pressure Carol was putting on Alice about who broke her lamp! I would have told Carol too, with that much pressure! Then about not knowing that Marsha would get in trouble for leaving the cassette, or whatever on all night, Marcia gets mad at Alice, and doesn't believe Alice when she said she didn't know she'd get in trouble. Then the time where I started to feel really bad was when Bobby made the stupidest remark ever ever ever!! When he said, "Remember when we used to like her?" (referring to Alice) Thats not like the kids at all! Then Alice fakes an excuse to leave, and she goes back home. Her replacement is another housekeeper, named Kay, who doesn't show her emotions much. BO-ring! But then, in her best part of the episode, she tells the kid where Alice is really working, at a restaurant in town. When the kids realize how mean they were, they go to the restaurant, and talk to Alice, and convince her to come back to the Brady family. It was really funny in the end, how she gave part of her uniform to the boss, and thanked and agreed with him when he told her to leave or go somewhere else, lol. It was a good episode, though. Very good, but sad in the beginning.