The Brady Bunch

Season 3 Episode 2

Grand Canyon or Bust

Aired Unknown Sep 24, 1971 on ABC

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  • The Bradys escape from jail!!

    So what seems like hours (to the Bradys) they finally get out of jail. How? They took off almost every type of clothing that wouldn't reveal anything bad (shoes, socks, belts) and tied them up. First they tried to take all eighteen shoes of the family and chunk them at the cell key. Didn't work. Then they all tied their socks together to make a rope. Sadly that didn't work as well. Then they tied each other's belts together to make another rope. They got the key! They unlocked themselves and escaped from jail! Then they ran outside and realized....

    They still had no car.

    That's right. That crazy prospector had stolen their pop-up camper and stationwagon to go claim that gold claim he was so worried that the Bradys were just dying to steal.

    So then the Bradys wandered around the ghost town for probably some time. (hours) Then Mike and Peter went down the road to try to find help. During that time, many exciting and funny things happened.

    Carol and Cindy tried to pump some water out of a well. All that came out, sadly, was a bunch of dust. Alice, Marsha, and Jan were helping each other set up an "SOS" sign on the ground. Greg and Bobby tried to fix a telephone. They actually got it to working. But when they called, it just rang to another phone around town. Guess who answered. Cindy Brady, that's who.

    Mike, Peter and the prospector came back soon. The prospector explained he just took their stationwagon to go claim the gold, then he'd return it to them. He was even nice enough to give them 10% of the gold claim - or was he? He didn't. But at least the Bradys were on their way to the Grand Canyon, FINALLY! And gosh, I can't imagine how it'd feel to be Cindy Brady. Being the youngest one, and what was supposed to be the perfect vacation, she and her family get locked up in a deserted jail, and then they get stranded in a ghost town in the middle of no where!

    But things get worse. At the Grand Canyon - Bobby and Cindy wander off. To be continued...
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