The Brady Bunch

Season 4 Episode 15

Greg Gets Grounded

Aired Unknown Jan 19, 1973 on ABC

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  • Sometimes parents get it wrong

    When you look up "Avoiding the communication gap" in the parenting handbook you're given in the hospital after birth I believe you'll find Mike and Carol Brady's picture next to it.

    It's ridiculous to ground your kid using clouded words, expecting them to understand the meaning and then get irritated when they bring it to your attention. Mike tells Greg he's not to drive the car for 1 week but he borrows a friends to get tickets to a concert. He didn't say "You have lost your driving privledges and there is to be no driving for 1 week. Hand over your license". Now THATS a clear message"!! What if your kid borrowed your clothes without asking and you grounded them with "For one week no borrowing my clothes" but your friend lends you a sweater, is your kid in trouble now?

    Mr. Brady should take a step down from his pedestal he's on and admit he made a mistake. By doing that, 3 things would have happened 1) The episode would still have had the same outcome. 2) Mike would have been more relatable instead of always being "the almighty wise one". And most important... 3) I wouldn't be irked by this everytime I watch this episode!!
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