The Brady Bunch

Season 4 Episode 1

Hawaii Bound

Aired Unknown Sep 22, 1972 on ABC

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  • Mike has to check on one of the projects his companies are working on in Hawaii, so he decides to bring the whole family along.

    So it starts out with Mike bringing home a white box with a green ribbon tied to it. When Carol sees the box, she gets so excited to see what is the box, she doesn't care about Mike, she runs straight to the gift. "Oh hi hone.. what's in the box!?!?" Then Mike reminds her about her kiss and then she asks what in the box. Aah. Some women. Some get so anxious over one little gift, lol. Well, I guess I wouldn't call this little, but she could at least act normal and actually hug, kiss, Mike or whatever before asking whats in the box. Wow, I've already written a huge paragraph of the episode, over just one minute of the episode. Moving on....

    So the Bradys go to Hawaii. When they get off the plane, hula girls give everybody one of those... what do you call them?? Anyways, Alice sticks around longer, and she gets like ten or fifteen stuck on her. It was hilarious to me!!! Then this Hawaiian dude comes and picks the Bradys up and gives them a tour of Honolulu. He tells them about a lot of stuff in Hawaii, including the Tabu. Tabu is a certain legend that states anybody who touches it will receive bad luck. Well Bobby finds some of this "Tabu". At nighttime, Bobby dodges a pillow which hits the wall, and a picture falls off and barely misses Bobby. In the end, Greg is showing off his "moves" surfing when he gets hit by a tital wave. That ends the episode with the audience and the viewers at home on the edge of their seats until the next episode...