The Brady Bunch

Season 1 Episode 13

Is There a Doctor in the House?

Aired Unknown Dec 26, 1969 on ABC

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  • great episode

    i love this episode.It all starts out by Peter comming home from school early because he has "Measles" after about 3 minutes jan comes home then Marcia,cindy,Greg,Bobby all come home from school early from school because they all have the "Measles" naturally carol calls the doctor.That's when all the trouble all in all this is a cute,funny,well written epiosde! it is a great one too, my number 1 favorite episode...ive been wating a long time to see this one. so is s a great,cute, funny episode!
  • Very cute episode

    Ut-oh! An epidemic has broken out in the Brady house! What starts off as just Jan and Peter leads to all 6 kids coming home from school with the measles. And they become 6 irritable, dotted faced shut-ins who are all vying for their parents attention and Alice's feel-better treats from the kitchen. But all in all, they're happy to be home from school, away from their teachers, and competing to see has the highest fever. Things are going relatively well to begin with...that is until Marion Cunningham/ Ross aka Dr. Porter (in another very motherly role) shows up and Peter is VERY ticked off! Dr. Porter takes care "of little boys too" but Peter doesn't want a his temperature! He yells for Carol like it's some life-and-death emergency, much to the embarrassment of Carol, because Dr. Porter has taken marvelous care of her own girls for years. To add to the crises, Jan shrieks like she's on her own deathbed, and Carol hurries over to find Denice the Menace's dad standing in the girls' room. (He's really moved up in the suburbian business world ! ) Carol and Jan think he's a pervert, Carol shielding Jan and threatening to call the police if he tries any funny business. Dr. Cameron is very amused by Carol's overreaction, and explains that Mike called him over, he has been the boy's doctor for years. Carol, looking for an appropriate apology, says "my face must be as red as her dots!" but he says she has already apologized very sweetly.

    The women are busy in the kitchen making goodies for the kids, and Mike, who has just come home from work, says that just because the kids have a few dots on their faces, they think they can order everybody around. But Alice is quick to remind him that about a year ago, a certain Mr. Brady who was sick needed crossward puzzles, a dart board, and a pair of twisty nails that he never could get...untwisted. "That was a very hard puzzle!", says Mike. For lunch the next day , Carol and Alice are busy making meals on the TV trays , a different entr'ee for each of the kids, complete with different side dishes according to the kids' preferences. But when the kids get pushy-playing bells and whistles and bongos and other New Year's noisemakers to call their parents upstairs, Mike digs a cowbell out of the garage, something that they can use to call them that will be a little less nerve-racking. Then Mike and Carol break into a very Brady rendition of The Twelve Days of Christmas-" 6 luncheon trays, 5 comic books, 4 jigsaw puzzles, 3 magic tricks, 2 icecream bars,a-hand one uh-huh-huh-one cow bellllllll !!!!!!!!!!"

    Then they march upstairs with the food, ready to serve 6 sick kids who are getting cranky from the wait." Whatever happened to ladies first?", b*tches Marcia from the other room, and Carol, (as if they haven't catered to their every whim already) apologizes, saying the boys' room was first in the hall. They fixed Greg a lunch that was fit for a king, but Greg (wanting baloney) in his usual sarcasm, says, "Well then give it to the king and get me some baloney!" Mike is getting a bit fed up, but Carol says Greg's sick and irritable, and if he wants baloney...he should have it. Peter turns up his nose at his broccoli,Mike has to fetch mustard, and Jan's lunch is fine...except they forget the gravy. (She likes everything all mushed together). Silly Cindy wonders why she got PB&J..but how could she forget...she loves them so much!

    The kids are well taken care of, including a blackboard Carol and Alice are keeping with a rundown of the family illnesses including a column for Tiger. (No Mike, those distemper shots WEREN'T for the kids! LOL!!) but there's still a Brady crisis underfoot.What to do (shock!) about choosing doctors? Mike likes his, Carol likes hers, what to do, what to do? Greg, Marcia, Peter and Jan play a rousing game of monopoly, and end up fighting over whether a male or female doctor is better. The kids have their boundary lines set, and it seems to be a cat. But the solution is simple-some people have 2 fones, some have 2 cars---why not 2 doctors? The doctors don't mind, so it's settled all around. They agree so well, that, Dr. Cameron and Dr. Porter have decided to combine their practices. Carol already had them years ago-so guess who comes down with the measles next--Mike! Mike wants to prove a point to the boys by choosing the woman doctor at this visit, but "Dr. Cameron, he's all yours!."

    The episode ends on a typical Alice note, with Alice appearing with a dotted measles face. Guess she'll need to take a few days off, but GASP! Who will do all her work? I'll guess it will have to be the ever-stay-at-home-mom, Carol.
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