The Brady Bunch

Season 4 Episode 8

Jan, the Only Child

Aired Unknown Nov 10, 1972 on ABC

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  • Jan's problems

    At the beginning of this episode, I can see Jan's side of things. Her brothers and sisters were being very inconsiderate. I mean Peter was taking too long in the bathroom and when Jan was about to go in, Cindy just ran right past her into the bathroom! Marcia borrows Jan's bike WITHOUT asking first. While Jan was watching a movie, Greg and Bobby both walk in and turn on the baseball game without asking. Peter, Cindy, Marcia, Greg and Bobby were all being very rude to Jan. Mike says that you have to share a little when you live in a big family, which is true, but you also have to have to consideration for others. I'd like to tell Mike that if they lived in a bigger house with more bedrooms and bathrooms, perhaps Jan wouldn't be complaining. I mean 3 kids in 1 bedroom and 6 kids with only 1 bathroom? Not exactly easy living.
  • Another Typical Jan Episode

    I was surprised that I actually enjoyed this episode. I'll put it this way: Jan is by no means my favorite Brady. Her episodes get on my nerves for her over emotional problems, but this one is pretty good. She makes a point by saying she has no privacy with five other brothers and sisters. Who would? One of my favorite parts in the episode is where Cindy tells Jan the truth about why everyone is being a little too nice to her. Jan becomes livid and orders all the kids into the boys' room. I prefer the episodes when the kids get mad at each other, instead of an adult, like the parents, Alice, or a teacher. The kids' reaction to her anger is pretty funny, though a little over the top with their screaming at her, telling her that they'll pretend to be invisible. That isn't going to backfire on Jan, is it? Well, of course it does. At the end Jan ruins their potato sack races and makes the other Brady kids let her join and not be invisible any more. Everyone learns their lesson and is so happy that they all decide to get in on the potato sack races. It never showed, but I think Peter won. He left everyone else far behind as soon they started. And of course, the episode ends as they come home from the rodeo and Carol makes another bad joke.