The Brady Bunch

Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Unknown Oct 24, 1969 on ABC

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    Jan is coming down with a mysterious ailment. And just when she is ready to leave for school one morning with the other kids, Carol and Alice decide to keep her home after the first big sneeze, and put her to bed with the covers wrapped up tight. Jan insists that she feels fine at certain moments, enough to play checkers with Carol even and read a book from Mike, and eagerly hopes she can get out of bed. But Carol says they'll be none of that-unless she wants to go to the doctor's and get a shot instead. But Jan chooses the comfort of her cozy bed. Carol finally concludes that its an allergy (because there's no sign of fever), but what could she be allergic to? Carol and Alice ponder over the culprit, and Carol throws out the possibility of dust (It's just as dusty upstairs as it is downstairs!) Alice almost takes this as an insult, but Carol finds a good save with saying that all the rooms are equally dust-free. Carol suspects it may be some of the garden flowers out back, but Alice is insistent that it is kitchen flour-because Jan couldn't stop sneezing the other day when she helped Alice bake cookies.

    Carol and Alice take some samples up for a little sniff-test, some various flowers to which Jan doesn't even react, to which Alice is convinced it's the flour. Jan starts with a little sniff from the jar, then a big, but "it just smells like flour". It seems like ALICE is more allergic to it than Jan! When the around-the-house objects prove to be no lead, Carol and Alice start to suspect something a little more serious. They once read a magazine article where a wife was allergic to her husband, forcing them to choose divorce. So maybe, just maybe... Jan is allergic to her new dad. What a sad thought, and nobody wants to break the news to Mike. Care-free Mike comes home from a typical day at the office, and the ladies encourage him to go up and see Jan. O no...maybe their fears are confirmed...Jan is sneezing like crazy when Mike visits with her on her bed. She even STOPS sneezing when Mike leaves the room...but it seems they jumped to a silly conclusion..because somebody else left at the same time. It's Tiger!-the lovable pooch, who is especially dear to the boys-because he was theirs before Mike married Carol. *Note-This Tiger was a mutty terrier type, while in the pilot he was a sheepdog. They went back to the sheepdog Tiger in episodes that FOLLOWED the ones with the terrier.

    It seems that it's a doomed fate- that Jan is allergic to Tiger and there's nothing to do but have Tiger go live with Grandma and Grandpa. (Carol's parents,who are 20 minutes away) The boys are heartbroken- and tearfully tell the dog how much they love him, as Tiger chews his farewell present-a big bone on the floor in the boys' room. But there's got to be a solution-since Mike said there was microscopic dander in his hair, why not give Tiger a bath? But they'll have to do it in secret as to not get Jan's hope's up. The boys bathe Tiger in the tub in the upstairs bathroom, and Tiger doesn't like it too much and tries to escape.

    The Brady family is a caring family-so much that they all have the same idea-to give Tiger a bath in secret in hopes that he will loose his allergenic qualities. And Tiger gets more opposed to the idea of it as time goes on-4 baths in 2 days' time! This is gonna be one clean dog! *Interesting Note-The exact scene where Alice is giving Tiger a bath in the metal tub on the service porch was actually used twice in the run of the Brady Bunch.(and the only scene to be used repeatedly). The first, in this episode, and second, in "54-40 and Fight", when Tiger gets some trading stamps stuck to his wet coat. Apparently, the producers didn't want the time or expense of filming a reluctant dog in water twice.

    The next morning, everyone is proud of "their" own little secret, and can't wait to see Jan's reaction to a squeaky clean Tiger. But shucks! Just as she bends down to give him a hug, another big sneeze, and operation keep-Tiger is over. The kids trudge into the kitchen for a sad breakfast, while Mike takes him over to the grandparents' house. But he forgot something-Tiger's new flea powder-that was sitting on a shelf in the kitchen. Jan offers to do it, and it's music to their ears! it's not Tiger after all, it's his new brand of flea powder( the flea powder's location in the kitchen would explain why Jan was sneezing that day when she helped Alice bake). And all the kids are out the door, to stop dad from taking away their beloved pet.

    The episode ends on a touching note, with the 3 girls tucked away in their cozy room, with a very contented Tiger sleeping with Jan on her bed.
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