The Brady Bunch

Season 5 Episode 14

Kelly's Kids

Aired Unknown Jan 04, 1974 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Look closely at 4:30 into the episode. (Ken and Kathy are turning down Matt's bed) On the floor behind Ken sits the album The Soft Parade by The Doors.

    • You might notice a resemblance between Matt and Bobby Brady. That's because they were actually brothers in real life. In the scenes that feature the Brady's and the Kelly's together, you'll also notice how they're always seen together.

  • Quotes

    • Mrs. Payne: My husband and I have even managed to be cordial to the Shapiros down the street.
      Ken: Well, congratulations, you've just received the "Neighbor of the Year" award.
      Mrs. Payne: I consider that remark uncalled for!
      Ken: If nobody calls for it in 30 days, it's all yours, baby!

  • Notes

    • Ken Berry is better known as Sam Jones on the final season of The Andy Griffith Show and Mayberry RFD. He also went on to star on the '80s sitcom Mama's Family that ran from 1983-1990.

    • Actress Jackie Joseph (Mrs. Phillips) was the real-life wife of Ken Berry (Mr. Kelly).

    • Keen-eyed viewers will notice that the Kelly boys and the Brady boys have almost identical bedrooms, right down to the layout of furniture and the position of the doors and hallway. Hmmm...

      No, the single bed and bunk beds were in opposite sides of the room. The single bed is where the Peter and Bobby's bunk bed were.

    • When the newly-adopted Matt Kelly is praying aloud for all the kids back at the orphanage, his dad asks him, "Is that all?" Matt replies no, he left out Carol Martin because, "she bit me once". Carol Martin is Mrs. Brady's name in the pilot episode.

    • Actress Brooke Bundy went on to play Diana Taylor on "General Hospital" in the late '70's, at the height of GH's popularity.

    • This is about the only episode since the first season the Brady Family's coming together as non-related siblings wasn't just a passing joke..."How long have you two been married...? Three years?! Six kids?!" etc..

    • Ken Kelly was originally to be called Jim Kelly

    • If one of Mr. & Mrs. Kelly's adoptive kids looks familar, it's because he is Mike Lookinland's real-life younger brother, Todd.

    • This episode was a pilot for a proposed series.

  • Allusions

    • At one point, Mrs.Kelly claims that their racist neighbors make Archie Bunker sound like a liberal.

      Archie Bunker was on a show called All in the Family, & Archie Bunker's Place that always talks about bigotry and racism. The show ran from 1971-1983.

    • This is the first time you see a toilet in the series. The toilet is a Kohler Trylon. Although partially blocked by Matt Kelly, you can see it behind him while he is brushing his teeth. When Matt told his new mother, Kathy, that he could use the bathroom by himself, she even looked at the toilet as she was getting the hint to leave.