The Brady Bunch

Season 1 Episode 7

Kitty Karry-All is Missing

Aired Unknown Nov 07, 1969 on ABC

Episode Recap

Cindy is playing with Kitty Karry-All in the living room when Bobby comes in playing  his kazoo. Tiger comes in too. Cindy is annoyed with Bobby because the noise of the kazoo will wake up Kitty. Bobby thinks this is a dumb attitude because Kitty is just a doll and not even alive, and expresses his dislike of Kitty as well. He then leaves. Cindy goes into the kitchen to get another bottle for Kitty. When she returns, Kitty is gone. Bobby comes back and in view of what he said about Kitty, Cindy accuses him of taking her.

Bobby denies taking Kitty. He convinces his brothers of his innocence while the older sisters side with Cindy. Predictably, this leads to more arguing between the boys and girls. The family searches the house for Kitty. The kids find lost things in their rooms (which they make a mess of, much to Alice's annoyance), but not Kitty. When Bobby expresses how much he hates Kitty, his brothers begin to doubt him, and he finds himself ostracized by the other kids. Mike has a word with the kids about fair trials.

The kids take this too literally and organize a trial for Bobby, with Marcia as prosecutor, Greg as defense attorney, Jan and Peter as jury, and Alice as judge. Bobby makes an impassioned plea of innocence. This moves Jan and she votes not guilty. But Peter votes the other way. Alice declares a hung jury, and then case dismissed because the pot roast is burning. This makes for a very burnt dinner. Afterwards, Marcia turns against Jan and Greg against Peter, but things are easier between Bobby and Jan.

Bobby again comes into the living room playing his kazoo. He finds Cindy playing with a toy her parents bought for her. Tiger is there too. Cindy renews her accusations against Bobby and goes off in a huff. Bobby finds his kazoo is missing and accuses Cindy of taking it. The arguing brings Mike in. He says he did not believe that Bobby took Kitty or that Cindy took the kazoo. He then talks to them about circumstantial evidence, and how it can make a person look guilty when they are not. Bobby and Cindy are a bit young to properly understand about circumstantial evidence, but agree to believe the other's claims of innocence.

Mike comments on how Bobby is taking the loss of his toy better than Cindy is taking hers. He does not understand why Cindy is taking the loss of her doll so hard. Carol talks to him about the attachments girls can form with their dolls. She gives an example of how she cried for a week when she lost a doll as a child. They decide on another search, but neither toy is found.

Bobby pulls out his piggy bank to buy Cindy another Kitty Karry-All. The parents appreciate the gesture, but Cindy rejects the doll, saying it is not the same, and leaves the living room. Just then, Tiger, who is also in the room, snatches the doll and takes off with it. The parents now realize who the thief really is. Sure enough, a search Tiger's kennel yields the missing toys.

As Mike and Carol get ready for bed, Mike says that he still does not understand how anyone can get so attached to an inanimate object. Then Carol tells Mike his lucky seven iron is missing, and he gets upset. Carol then pulls the golf club out, and asks Mike if he understands now. Mike says he does - and then makes gestures to sleep with his golf club. But he was just kidding, and he and Carol start making love.