The Brady Bunch

Season 1 Episode 7

Kitty Karry-All is Missing

Aired Unknown Nov 07, 1969 on ABC

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  • Let's try to remember that time....

    How old is Cindy five or six? When I was six, I had a dolly named Bethr(think Big Baby from Toy Story 3). My parents say I picked her up at a yard sale when I was 2 and wouldn't put her down, they got her for 50 cents. From that day on, the doll went everywhere with me: the store, my grandmas, sometimes even church. My brother often teased me by putting her on the ceiling fan and hide her from me(just being my big brother). It would annoy me so much. If I left her a my grandmothers someone would have to drive across town to get her or I wouldn't sleep. I would get really offended if someone called her dumb or ugly and I honestly thought she had feelings until I was six or seven. I still have that doll and haven't seen another one like her.

    Cindy did jump to conclusions but she's only a little girl, she was still in the wrong but probably didn't know much better.
  • That bloody Tiger!

    Tiger is a pain in the but. He is my least favorite character!
    Cindy was far to quick to judge and Bobbys expression is classic. He is so dumbfounded he can hardly believe it is happening.
    Then he goes and does the same thing, but who could blame him after being blamed for something he didn't do he thought Cindy was just getting back at him.
    The mock court trial was crap and I didn't like that part of the episode but I did like how it changes some of the kids minds. The pot roast is burnt because Alice was the judge but later in the episode Carol says she made the dinner ... didn't Alice?
  • Eh...

    Cindy lost her favorite little ol' doll! What shall we do!? Oh my gosh! I think I'm gonna have a heart attack if we don't find this doll! Argh!! *cries*

    Seriously folks, when an episode's plot is just over something so little like that, (a doll is missing??) things can get pretty boring quickly. And it did for me.

    So Cindy loses her doll. Her name is like, Kitty Karry-All, or something like that. Number one, what kind of doll is name Kitty Karry-All? Yuck. And number two, BO-ring! So then, Cindy goes right ahead and accuses Bobby. Bobby denies her, and of course, Bobby is right.

    In other words, Bobby didn't steal Cindy's doll.

    Bobby was right. Cindy was wrong.

    The boy was right. The girl was wrong.

    All in a day's work.

    So in the end, of course, Cindy finds her doll, and things are back to normal, as Cindy appologizes to Bobby, and well, nobody remembers this from then on. Peace.
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