The Brady Bunch

Season 1 Episode 16

Mike's Horror-Scope

Aired Unknown Jan 16, 1970 on ABC

Episode Recap

Mike and Carol are in bed, and Carol is checking the newspaper for the horoscope. Mike laughs when his reads "a strange woman will soon come into your life." He can hardly wait for tomorrow.

Next morning Carol decides to take the kids clothes shopping, although her horoscope warned her not to buy anything that day. Alice says hers said that the day was great for social activities. Neither of them really take astrology seriously, but are only interested in it because a friend of Carol's, Martha, really believes in it. Mike phones to say no strange woman yet. But then in comes Beebe Gallini, a big name in fashion and cosmetics. Beebe can certainly can be called a strange woman. Beebe is eccentric in personality, conduct, dress (pink), accent and, as Mike soon discovers, in her demands. Beebe wants Mike to design her new cosmetics factory. She gives Mike complete freedom of design, but with one condition - the factory be pink because that is her color. She is an overwhelming, eccentric woman who has Mike completely preoccupied when he gets home. When Carol hears, she knows the strange woman has come into Mike's life. Carol teases as to whether Mike can resist her.

Meanwhile, the Bradys get ready for a weekend trip, with fishing for the boys and horse riding for the girls. But Beebe phones Mike at home and makes demands that he come in and work for her, although it is Saturday. Carol has to take the boys fishing herself while Alice takes the girls horse riding. Both Carol and Alice come home from the trips as wrecks. When Mike gets back, he finds Carol restless in bed and still smelling of fish. Mike smells of pink from Beebe's cosmetics and not happy about his day either.

It gets worse when Mike comes into his office finding it dripping with pink decorations - samples of Beebe's pinks, and Beebe in his chair. Beebe turns down Mike's design for her factory because she does not want it to be functional or look like a typical factory. She insists that Mike make the factory look like a fluffy powder puff and keeps interfering when he makes preliminary sketches.

Soon, Mike has to give up so much of his time to Beebe's demands that the kids complain to Carol that they hardly ever see him. And when Mike comes in, he is shattered. Changes, changes, and more changes, but nothing seems to satisfy Beebe, and he has to work extra hard because of it. Carol complains about the toll this is taking on his family time. Mike hears her, but is worried about what might happen if his company loses the contract with Beebe. And when Mike does take time with his family, Beebe shows up at the Brady residence as well, on her way to a charity event. After all the work Mike has done on the powder puff design, Beebe has changed her mind. Now she wants a factory in the shape of a compact, and can open and close like one. Mike protests that it is mechanically impossible, but Beebe does not listen. Then the boys' plane hits her on the head, ruining her hairdo. Then Bobby mistakenly squirts her with a water pistol instead of Cindy, which makes her mascara run. The parents try to apologize, but Beebe is too furious to accept their apology and says she will find another architect. Carol is worried about the contract for Mike's company, but Mike says his company has been saved from a nervous breakdown.

Back in bed, Mike is reading his horoscope again. It says that tomorrow "you will meet a tall sexy brunette who will fall madly in love with you." Then, when Carol checks the horoscope, she finds it says "this is a good time to adopt a pet."