The Brady Bunch

Season 1 Episode 16

Mike's Horror-Scope

Aired Unknown Jan 16, 1970 on ABC

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  • A different kind of episode

    This is as close as faithful husband Mike Brady probably came to being lured away by another woman, but it wasn't his idea-and he actually has no interest the situation. Mike and Carol are sharing one of their typical relaxing evenings in bed (the kind that's audience-friendly, that is!) reading the newspaper. Mike and Carol browse the horoscopes, for one thing because Carol's friend swears by 'em, and expects a daily update from Carol. Carol wishes she hadn't read her "don't buy anything tomorrow" one out loud (or it will come true) because she need new shoes.But that's music to Mike's ears! Mike gets a double dose of fun when he hears HIS horoscope--that a strange woman will soon enter his life. Carol's starting to feel iffy about this--and Mike turns into sleep with a sly smile.

    Looks like astrology may have some merit after all---the next morning at his office, in walks a prominent cosmetic queen named BeBe Gallini. (Abbe Lane). With red hair and a bright pink dress, she slinks over to Mike and automatically expects him to kiss her majesty's hand. Following behind her, carrying pink cases stocked with her cosmetic line "BeBe Pink", is Dwayne ("what would i do without my Dwayne?), the typical effeminate side kick of beauty product peddlers (but we're guessing Mr. Brady won't mind Dwayne too much!) BeBe, who's as plastic as her lipstick containers, wants Mike to design a new factory for her cosmetic kingdom-and it must be exactly to her specifications.

    That night,Mike seems nervous as he helps dry the dinner dished with Carol, and Carol can smell that something's up.
    (and no it's not BeBe's perfume!) A-ha! a strange woman did enter his life today-and they say no man can resist her. But Mike can-because she's phony and utterly demanding. Little by little,Mike starts to miss out on all the events of his family back home, and the kids are getting cranky because he's missing out on their projects. Carol tells the story of Little Red Riding Hood to Cindy, and must also help the older ones with their homework due to an absent Mike.

    Not only is she taking up his 9-5, but now BeBe wants Mike in on the weekends for more work on the factory in the works. So Carol has to take the boys fishing on a boat, while Alice takes over Carol's job-horseback riding with the girls. Neither of Alice or Carol fair too well-Carol coming home sunburned,seasick, and smelly-from falling into somebody else's pile of fish, while Alice comes home soar in the saddle and smelling like Man-of-War.

    Meanwhile, BeBe has been working a frazzled Mike to death in the office with her impulsive changes of mind and bossy direction. Mike had worked late into the night previously, sketching a factory design, but that doesn't matter to self-centered BeBe-that design is not what she had in mind at all. It must be unique, to express her personality, and of course, the color BeBe pink. Maybe it should be tall, like a lipstick-no, even better, in the shape of a powder puff !! So Mike sketches the poweder puff design with BeBe leaning over his shoulder, but it's not "fluffy" enough. (but apparently, she is) How the heck do you make a literal fluffy factory?! Not too long before, Dwayne has decorated Mike's office in pink satin linens,(again, Robert Reed won't mind) and it has now become BeBe's temporary office-"BeBe Gallini Incorporated". She's had all her calls transferred here, and receives a call from the rival "Marie's Cosmetics". But BeBe, being # 1 refuses to speak to her, and hangs up loudly.

    Mike , Carol, and all concerned are fed up now, and since BeBe is going to a charity ball this weekend in her honor(she wants to orchestra to play something that sounds "pink"), Mike will FINALLY have a chance to make up the missed time to his family. But wouldn't you know it! Snotty BeBe stops by the Brady House on her way to the ball because an inspiration came to her.(and BTW, she *loves* their charming 9-room guest cottage of a house) She now wants a factory shaped like a make-up compact, with a top floor with a hinge that opens up (Carol: A topless factory..with a stationary bottom!") But Mike says that's impossible from an engineering standpoint. But lovely BeBe doesn't not care about details. But Bobby and Cindy save the day, when, they are having a watergun fight, accidentally squirt BeBe's mascara to a drip, and cute Cindy says:"Mommy, she cries black tears!" Also, Peter's model plane that he's working on, flies right into Miss Gallini's hair, and musses it up for the ball. (Mike, Peter and Bobby were building a similar plane in "Alice's September Song") Yes, these "creatures", who would be the Brady kids, ruined BeBe and Mike's business deal.But it's no one's loss except her own-and there she goes, in a cloud of feathers, never to be seen again.