The Brady Bunch

Season 3 Episode 5

My Sister, Benedict Arnold

Aired Unknown Oct 15, 1971 on ABC

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  • Good episode!

    This is the classic episode with the dunking booth, the Filmore Junior high cheer, and many other memorable scenes. Greg comes home steamed-a phony jerk of a guy, Warren Mullaney, who had beat him out in school government previously, has now swiped his place on the first string basketball team- and not by honest means-he butters up the coach but then goofs off behind his back. Greg can't stop thinking about it, saying Warren is at the top and bottom of his crumb list, and every crumb in between! At the same time, Marcia has just come home from school too, and is dazzled because for the first time, a high school boy has asked her out on a date. "What's his name?" Jane ask. Ut-oh. It's Warren Mullaney. Marcia hears later thru the grapevine that Warren is Greg's "public enemy number one". As Marcia and Carol paint the sign for the Brady dunking booth for the school carnival, Carol gives her o-k for Marcia dating a high school boy-but Marcia informs her that Greg doesn't like Warren. Carol tells her that that is HIS problem, not Marcia's. Meanwhile, Alice and the younger kids have been working on getting the dunking booth ready as well as trying it out.(How they ever got that thing out of their driveway and down to the school, even WITHOUT the water, is beyond me). Interesting note- Peter tries to dunk Bobby and we see that he's left handed (even tho in the pilot episode he was eating breakfast with his right-Chris Knight is left handed in real life). Warren comes over for their date, and Greg flips, realizing for the first time that this is Marcia's new bf. Not wanting to upset Greg further, Marcia calls it quits after the first date-until Greg DEMANDS that she not see him anymore, and now Marcia is ready for some sweet revenge-she's gonna ask Warren over for homework and to the carnival. The war has started, and Greg and Marcia aren't speaking during breakfast. Mike and Carol tell Greg it is none of his business, that Marcia can invite over anyone she wants....and so can the rest of the kids. Now Greg has an idea. While Marcia and Warren study parallelograms and history dates, Greg brings Marcia's public enemy number one over-Kathy Lawrence-who beat her out for first string cheerleading. Jan informs her she's coming, and Marcia starts to fume-but decides to keep her cool-she won't give Greg the satisfaction. (It's weird-Kathy Lawrence is her worst enemy, but is her best friend in the very next episode-The Personality Kid!) Greg and Kathy go into the living room, where Greg encourages her to do her cheers-louder and LOUDER! Until Marcia can't take it anymore and the feathers begin to fly between Marcia and Greg. Mike and Carol come home and give one of their famous lectures-how wrong it is to use other people as a weapon. Before Marcia and Greg have a chance to apologize, Alice says she saw Warren and Kathy leaving together for the pizza parlor. Ahhhh, another happy ending. In the epilog, the family is seen coming home from the carnival with lots of prizes, including a goldfish Mike won (we never see it again-but we know how long those things live). And under her coat, Alice has locked herself in a pair of "silly kid-trick handcuffs".

    *Note-i always get this episode confused with "Everybody Can't Be George Washington" because Peter PLAYS Benedict Arnold in that episode.