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  • Get this off my TV!

    I had to put up with this extremely bad show for years (the constant repeats that is, as this show ended on TV about a decade before I was born).

    I was basically the only person in my whole family who strongly despised it (most people I know love this show). However, there is always someone who disagrees isn't there? Well I am one of them. Almost every time it came on TV, I wanted to get up and leave the room. I just couldn't handle it.

    I think it is one of the lamest and corniest shows that has ever been created.

    I am a fan of many classic TV shows (Get Smart, Bewitched, I Dream Of Jeannie, The Addams Family - just to name a few), but sorry to the many legions of Brady fans, I just can't take this one.
  • I wouldn't watch this with nightvision googles.

    This is so lame, could rant about this for 30 months. It annoys me just like those commercials for Kidz Bop CDs (**** them kids for ruining songs). It is the worst show i've ever seen on public television & i can't believe people watch it. I'm just glad i don't watch it.
  • The Brady Bunch season 3 episode 12 Getting Davy Jones

    well upon perusing your site for old TV show, i happend to come across this one. But when i went to look for this particular Brady bunch episode. It did not have it listed. What gives I wanted to watch this particular episode which was near and dear to my heart, Since with the recent passing of David Jones. It would have been nice to relive that moment again when Marcia gets to meet him in person all over again. I am not real pleased with your site if you cant deliver on one episode then why do you have all the other episodes listed.
  • No classification for an Overrated Show?

    I am going to add some diversity to this forum in the form of an honest opinion. I always thought the Brady Bunch was bad. Bad acting, bad writing, unrealistic, little character development. Plots didn't draw you in, and characters were pretty much interchangeable. I just do not think this was by any means a great show; and not all that entertaining. Plus, I always had the distinct feeling that Alice was a female impersonator who led a double life. Now THAT would have made this show interesting!
  • Something was missing

    A widower with 3 sons meets a single woman (never revealed what happened to her first husband) with 3 daughters. The two eventually marry and blend both families together.

    And so the adventures begin, but for some reason I find the films which were made much later a lot funnier.

    I liked the home cooked drama behind this one, there was nearly always a happy ending, just as it should be.
  • fine 70's programming

    this is one of the most popular shows of all time. has this show ever went off the air. this show influence all of pop culture. the stories were hokie but hell, it was the 70's. it's amazing how many people have watched this show over the years in countries all over the world.
  • This is a very good show, but...

    This is a very good show, but I think it's pretty pitiful how Robert Reed died from aids. This is a show my parents used to watch and now I watch it. that's not something that amuses me is aids, if it weren't for gay people aids wouldn't exist! Gayness is wrongness, except for happy gay. I do still like the show, but barely see it anymore. I like Alice, marcia, Jan, Cindy, Carol, Greg, Mike (usually), Peter, Bobby, Sam, and Oliver. to bad this show was on long before my time. well i goota go watch the brady bunch marathon on tv land.

    Hm.. what can I say about the Brady Bunch? I like watching this series is because how close the family are. I wish I had brothers and sisters! I love the maid. I think her name is Alice ( correct me if I am wrong ) Sometimes this show is really good and sometimes it gets a little boring and dragging. But most of the time it is pretty good. My favorite charcter has to be Cindy! So cute! I love that little girl! And the two ponytails! How cute! Oh.. Yea I love Greg too! The cuteest boy brady ever! ^ _ ^
  • This is the type of show that everybody has seen quite a few times, but nobody wants to admit to seeing it or be caught watching it.

    "The Brady Bunch" is an American classic, like it or not. It exemplified the late 60s and early 70s type of folksy family comedy that could be seen on primetime TV. Other examples included the Waltons and the Partridge Family. Of all of them though, this one had the most staying power and continues to enjoy the most fame. It even had enough cult appeal to have a couple of movies made in the 90s that were satirizing it, plus a couple of really AWFUL spinnoffs in the 70s and 80s. (You know these spinnofs, such as the Brady Bunch Variety Hour and the Brady Brides...ugh.)

    However, for all the cornball humor that is the Brady Bunch, it is still strangely kind of fun to watch. You really hardly will laugh at all...but it's like you know the characters so well and you know you've seen most every episode, you find yourself stuck watching it for some reason.

    The Brady Bunch is one of America's most famous TV families and will remain that way for some time to come. It's still popular in syndication, and doesn't show much signs of stopping.
  • Lame, corny, and juvenile...which makes it a great sitcom.

    The Brady Bunch is a guilty pleasure for just about everybody. Whether we want to admit it or not, we all enjoy it.

    Though the jokes are always lame, the storylines are ridiculous, and the characters can be extremely annoying, we all enjoy watching this show. This ground-breaking series about a man with three kids marrying a woman with three kids made television history. Young or old, just about everybody on the face of this earth has seen and (whether they want to admit it or not) enjoyed The Brady Bunch.

    Thanks to reruns being shown all the time on TVLand, this show can be enjoyed by people of all ages!
  • I enjoyed this show years ago, but the more and more I watch the reruns, the less interesting it is.

    I don't know why, but the show isn't as funny as it was to me when I was younger. Is it getting dated. Or is the idea of 6 kids living in one house a little far fetched now.

    Anyways, I do catch an episode from time to time on TV Land, but that's usually just because I have nothing else to do.
  • It’s a story of the perfect step family.

    Two families combine creating an instant family of six kids and everything is perfect. Hard to believe? Not if you’re a Brady.

    You’ve gotta love the good ol’ days were sitcoms like the Brady Bunch existed. Where words such as ‘swell’ and ‘golly gee’ where the everyday vocabulary and talk of the weekly sock hop was the ultimate shebang that consumed an entire episode. Even still, the Brady Bunch was a decent show that corroborated entertaining themes and clean viewing. If you’re looking for entertainment for the kiddies – this is it.

    The Brady Bunch is family tuning at its best – or perhaps at its worse depending upon which opinion you seek. I enjoyed the Brady Bunch. Yeah it might have been a far-fetched story of what seemed like the perfect family living in the perfect world – but it was still enjoyable. And who says a show has to be inundated with sex, violence and shrill language to be deemed good. Certainly not me. In an industry that seems to be going down hill fast with a waterslide of reality shows it’s nice to think about what TV. used to be – entertaining.
  • I've lived my childhood watching re-runs of this memorable family comedy, and it will never leave me.

    By far, this is one of those sitcoms that will never die. Despite some of the corny effects and cliche storylines, The Brady Bunch will forever be a television classic of the 70s. I suppose the reason there has been such a cult following after all these years would probably be the fact that nearly every episode involoved something that the audience could relate too, or understand. Many episodes when I was younger, inspired me to encourage others, or learn to tell the truth, or "Never play ball in the house!" With all of this said, The Brady Bunch will most likely remain one of those programs that will withstand the test of time and probably still be showing somewhere on television twenty years from now, and be enjoyed by yet more generations!
  • Another of those 1970 family comedys.

    This was a funny comedy about two people, each with three children, getting married and making a new family. This show will probably be considered pretty corny by today's generation. At the time it was very funny and of course taught valuable lessons. The parents were played by Robert Reed as Mike Brady and Florence Henderson as Carol Brady. Mike had three sons Barry Williams as Greg Brady, Christopher Knight as Peter Brady and Mike Lookinland as Bobby Brady. Carol had three daughters Maureen McCormick as Marcia Brady, Eve Plumb as Jan Brady and Susan Olsen as Cynthia "Cindy" Brady. Mike also had a house keeper Alice that stayed on to help out with the household, she was played by Ann B. Davis. rounding out the family was the dog"Tiger". The show was very fun and entertaining. If you want your kids to have good morales, judgement and manors have them watch this or Leave it to Beaver. You wont regret it. This show will not feature any gangster rap. There were also several great sports guest stars. Don Drysdale, Joe Namath and wes parker to name a few.
  • My moms favorite and also one of mines.

    My mom had it on the T.V. one day so I decided to watch it and I ended up really likeing it. I think this show was ment to stay but america just got board with it. I bet it would be better in the 21st century with all the new gadgets they can certenly make alot of new adventures.
  • Peter and Jan and Cindy oh my

    I remember when I was young and The Brady Bunch came on the air, It was so thrilling and so interesting. When watching it for the first time in the era it was set in the show was quite interesting. I can see for those who are younger who watch or watched it on reruns now a days how out of sorts it might be. But back in the day when it was meant to be seen things were just right with the show. You got a show where you had a blended family. Quite uncommon for those times. You found that they shared fussing and fighting amougnst them. You found pranks and higinx there as well. But when it came down to it you found love between all the kids. I remember many of my friends wanted to be a part of the Brady Bunch. It was quite an extordinary show back in the day.
  • Put two different families in a house and watch the fireworks. Great show.

    Here's a story....a definite classic. I can still remember the first episode with the wedding (the disastrous wedding). This show is about family and sticking together. And even though you aren't related by blood, you can still co-exist together as a family. Marsha trying to prove she's every bit as good as the boys are, Jan who was the awkward middle child, often jeolous of her older sister, and Cindy who was known as the "tattle tale". Mike was always looking up to his brothers, Peter and Greg, and me being the only girl in the family, I relate to that. It's one of those shows that has a moral or lesson behind every episode.
  • It's like a comfortable pair of old shoes!

    The Brady Bunch isn't particularly funny. But humor isn't where its charm lies - it's in this magical house where nothing gets dirty (except when the family puts on a show to make Alice stay in the first episode) kids never hit each other, meals are always on time and delicious, Carol never has PMS, Mike never looks at another woman, Alice is never in a suicidal depression, and hair is always blonde, combed and perfect. For an hour a day, kids get to have another family, and other parents. They get to watch other kids get lectured on the ugly orange and yellow furniture in the house. They get to sympathize with Jan about Marcia, because, let's face it, her character is a pain in the neck on the show. Marcia is easiest to make fun of when she's screaming, "I'm ugly UGLY UGLY!" when she goes through the ordeal of braces. You wonder how she'd deal with a real tragedy like an amputation, burns over 90% of her body, or a spinal cord injury the way she carries on.

    This is just one of many scenes of the BB that we secretly enjoy when no one's looking. However, we love this show because it's a part of our childhood.

  • The Brady Bunch was advancing technology way before the US

    The Brady Bunch was secretly building a new type of bomb when the LAPD arrived with the FBI. The bomb was designed to disintigrate a person but not there clothes or any other items. The show however gave away the hint. In one episodes they used a microwave. What? you may say but take this into consideration: the microwave wasn\'t invented for 10 more years! Next during another episode they invited a guest star named Einstein. Also there is a photo of them at the Manhatten project which their names were on the bill. Sothatswhy I like the Show. It_has_hisotry_and_facts.
  • A widowed man with three boys marries a widowed lady with three girls. This family of eight plus their housekeeper, Alice, have to learn to live together.

    The Brady Bunch was one of those television series that never really had one of those episodes with dramatic storylines about bad things that go on in teens lives, or anybody's lives, but it was still pretty good. I guess it was meant to a be more of a family show than anything else. There were a few really funny moments, but not that many. But that's okay, because the show was pretty decent. No foul language; The bullies in the show didn't do anything at all, so it could be boring at times. My favorite characters were Alice, the funnier one. She was the housekeeper for the Bradys. From the kids, I liked the youngest boy, Bobby, and the oldest boy, Greg. All three girls had their little attitudes. Cindy would try to act like the special one to get her way. Jan was boring and dull. Marsha was really bossy, in my opinion. But the show was still pretty good. It could of been better; But hey, it could of been a LOT worse.
  • This man name Mr Brady has 3 boys name Bobby, Greg and Peter. Well Mike Brady meets this women name Carol. Carol has 3 daughters with gold hair name Marsha, Jan,Cindy. Carol falls inlove with Mike Brady. They get married. And then the family becomes from

    This is one of my all time favorite shows. My mom grew up watching this show. So did I..Kinda. I mean Ive only seen the reruns considering the fact that im only 19. Anyways, This show is like the perfect all american family. Something that my family will never be. Like how they sit down to dinner, Breakfeast, Talk out their problems. Perfect all american family. Exscept this family isnt for real. And theres no such thing as the perfect family. I dont care if your Donald Trump, Or George Bush.
  • A childhood favorite!

    Watching "The Brady Bunch" reruns on television was a regular childhood routine for me. What a great concept - Dad with his three boys marries mom with her three girls, and now they all live in the same house, with the housekeeper Alice. Of course, the situations and family dynamics depicted on the show bore no resemblance to real life, but "The Brady Bunch" was fun nonetheless. So many of the caracters and scenes are etched in my memory, even twenty years later (who can ever forget Jan crying, "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!"; or Peter's "Pork chops and applesause"). Every once in a while, I will catch an episode on TVLand, and it will take me back to the time when I was 10 years old watching this show on my parents' couch. Now that's a classic!
  • That's the way they became the Brady Bunch.

    Even though the Brady Bunch was on the air about 15 years before I was born, I still find the show to be very entertaining and fun to watch, just to see what the kids got themselves into and how Mike and Carol would handle any particular situation that possibly came their ways. It is also interesting to how to families would come together in marriage to become a blended family and deal with the new everyday problems that can happen when getting used to living together. Another thing that made the show really fun to watch was the loveable housekeeper Alice. She was so entertaining to watch when she was helping the Brady's with their lives, or when she would get scared out of her mind when she is unwittingly at the recieving end of one or all of the kids pranks. In all, I find that the Brady Bunch is one entertaining show to watch and enjoy catching the repeats of the show on TVLand or in the DVD sets.
  • What do you get when you take six totally different kids, join them as brothers and sisters by marriage and put them in a house with a dog, their parents and a housekeeper named Alice? A TV classic.

    Who hasn't seen 'The Brady Bunch?' This was truly one of the best sitcoms in television history. Not because the writing or acting was especially great but because of the impact it made on the industry. I mean 'The Brady Bunch' was everywhere and still is everywhere decades after the show was cancelled. Who doesn't remember Mike, Carol, Alice, Greg, Marcia, Peter, Jan, Bobby, and Cindy? Each person gave something different to the show. And while some...most of the episodes aren't completely realistic it still is fun to watch and wonder what you would do in the situation. I'm sure everyone has at one time wanted to be a Brady. They are an ideal family to live with. I don't think anyone will ever forget 'The Brady Bunch.'
  • Its the story... of a funny sitcom!

    The Brady Bunch was only on for a few seasons but it was a great family comedy for its time. The first few seasons were filled with classic moments such as: Marsha's football nose, Bobby and his Tiki God, The Brady's selling their house, and Tiger knocking over the card house. However, even though this is a fun, classic show the last few episodes were terrible. If you can let these few episodes slide you will have a blast watching the Brady's mow their astroturf, harass their live-in maid, and get into corney delimas. I beleive you will enjoy this show the most on a "stay home sick day".
  • One of my all-time favorites!

    My brother-in-law once told me that if the Brady Bunch was on any channel at any time of the day, I would find it. That's pretty much the truth. I have seen the episodes countless times and can recite various patches of dialogue from memory. I don't know exactly what it is that has made this show the pop culture sensation that it has become. Maybe the Bradys just represented the big, happy family that we all wished we had. Maybe, as Ann Davis once said, it was a show that always left us with a sense of hope. Maybe, in some way, it appealed to our higher consciousness and better sense of self. Regardless, the Brady Bunch continues to remain one of the greatest symbols in our pop-culture consciousness. Long may it live in reruns.
  • no words

    a family maid man with three sons going on to be men and a woman with three Dauthers going on the be womans
    who become a family they fight and get along and fight play have fun sometimes get in to troble
    and stuff breaking stealing hiking camping doing Everything they have to to stay alive
    used to watch this but now not anymore moved on grow up
    got on with my life
    now im watching shows for my age and sexy people good casts songs guest clothes and nice kids and grown up fast doing stuff and other stuff thats it for now
  • This was my favorite show--when I was eight years old. Okay, I still watch it today. I still love Peter's volcano and the corny episodes where Marcia is hung up on Desi Arnaz Jr. and Davey Jones. Jan's awful plaid hiphuggers have to go, though!

    Another slice of Americana that has endured well beyond its initial five year run. This show has become way more popular in reruns than it ever was during its 1969 to 1974 network time. (Having said that, I religiously watched it every Friday night from its beginning until its cancellation.) My one gripe with the show is that it strayed from its roots. Most of the best written episodes dealt with the merging of the two families. After the first season, this was hardly ever mentioned--except in the title song of course. The show seemed to "lose it" when they decided the kids were going to be rock stars. (The plots for the fifth and final season were pretty wacky.) Still, it had its moments. Was there ever a better maid/housekeeper in televison history than Alice Nelson? Hey, I'll keep watching those reruns. Maureen McCormick circa 1973 is still rather fetching.
  • The show that said love conquers all. A man and a women each ahving three children get together and form a family including a smart and funny housekeeper that kept everything orgainized. The show was a trendsetter and enjoyable at every turn

    Greg, Peter, Bobby, Marsha, Jane, Cindy and who did you like? Maybe Alice the smart and whimsical housekeeper or Mike the husband and father and the patriarc of the clan? Or maybe Carol the pretty and well orgainized mother? Did you knoe Barry Williams who played Greg actually dated Florence Henderson who played Carol his mother on the show? They all went to Hawaii and the real actors that palyed the character all loved being together and treated Carol and Mike like there real parents. AKA Robert Reed and Florence Henderson. Robert Reed was even supposedly gay and all was kept on low profile when referring to his sexuality. He died several years ago, but all the others have come together in a special that gave them the chance to talk about there lives and the show. Even ANN B. Davis is still alive, She played Alice. I think her boyfriend on the show, Sam has died. But not real sure? What a blast to watch. Did you know that the grass in the back yard was fake? It was turf and they even mowed it? How silly was that? By the way Sam was also SGT Hacker on Gomer Pyle and played two roles on two episodes of Andy Griffith and was even Barney Heffner on All in the Family, Archies best friend.
  • love this show

    The Brady Bunch was a show that I grew up watching every night at 8:00 on Nick at Night. This show was before my time but I didnt care. I love how even though this show was cancelled a long time ago, it was still a good enough sucess to have a few spin-off's and to have 2 movies made out of the show. When I was little, I always thought Marcia was hot. lol. I think the Brady Bunch was, is, and forever will be a great show for the whole family to enjoy for years to come. :)
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