The Brady Bunch

ABC (ended 1974)





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  • A good family show that doesn't show much 'violence'. If you like, please continue reading my review. Just click, continue.

    The Brady Bunch is another family show, that every episode has a moral, and is another one of those 'big' families. This one, containing half a dozen kids. If you don't know what half a dozen is, that means six. (Like anyone didn't know that) Bobby, the youngest boy, is a lot like me. (In the last season) His hair is more brown, curly, and thick, like mine. He was also kinda funny - not the funniest one on the show though. Peter, not that great on the show. He just wasn't the best character! Oh yeah, Peter is the middle-aged boy. Just younger than Greg, yes, Greg. The one who tries to be more mature but always ends up humiliating himself. Cindy, the youngest girl in the family, was nice, and pretty. (She was funnier earlier in the show) Janice or whatever her name was was my least favorite character. She was a goody goody and she was never real funny and made a big deal out of everything. Marsha was okay. But, as every oldest girl in a family, she could be a little bossy and could take advantage of her siblings sometimes. The parents are okay, too. They are funny a little, but Alice is more funnier. Yes, every big family has to have a housekeeper or a butler, and the Brady Bunch had a housekeeper. A hilarious character named Alice who made a joke out of everything. And, this show wasn't really the funniest show on the street, but it was a good family show that contained no fights or 'violence'. That was a good part.