The Brady Bunch

ABC (ended 1974)





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  • The show that said love conquers all. A man and a women each ahving three children get together and form a family including a smart and funny housekeeper that kept everything orgainized. The show was a trendsetter and enjoyable at every turn

    Greg, Peter, Bobby, Marsha, Jane, Cindy and who did you like? Maybe Alice the smart and whimsical housekeeper or Mike the husband and father and the patriarc of the clan? Or maybe Carol the pretty and well orgainized mother? Did you knoe Barry Williams who played Greg actually dated Florence Henderson who played Carol his mother on the show? They all went to Hawaii and the real actors that palyed the character all loved being together and treated Carol and Mike like there real parents. AKA Robert Reed and Florence Henderson. Robert Reed was even supposedly gay and all was kept on low profile when referring to his sexuality. He died several years ago, but all the others have come together in a special that gave them the chance to talk about there lives and the show. Even ANN B. Davis is still alive, She played Alice. I think her boyfriend on the show, Sam has died. But not real sure? What a blast to watch. Did you know that the grass in the back yard was fake? It was turf and they even mowed it? How silly was that? By the way Sam was also SGT Hacker on Gomer Pyle and played two roles on two episodes of Andy Griffith and was even Barney Heffner on All in the Family, Archies best friend.
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