The Brady Bunch

ABC (ended 1974)





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  • A widowed man with three boys marries a widowed lady with three girls. This family of eight plus their housekeeper, Alice, have to learn to live together.

    The Brady Bunch was one of those television series that never really had one of those episodes with dramatic storylines about bad things that go on in teens lives, or anybody's lives, but it was still pretty good. I guess it was meant to a be more of a family show than anything else. There were a few really funny moments, but not that many. But that's okay, because the show was pretty decent. No foul language; The bullies in the show didn't do anything at all, so it could be boring at times. My favorite characters were Alice, the funnier one. She was the housekeeper for the Bradys. From the kids, I liked the youngest boy, Bobby, and the oldest boy, Greg. All three girls had their little attitudes. Cindy would try to act like the special one to get her way. Jan was boring and dull. Marsha was really bossy, in my opinion. But the show was still pretty good. It could of been better; But hey, it could of been a LOT worse.